7 Simple Tips for Radiant Healthy Skin (Crepey Skin Buster) 

If you don't quite know what crepey skin is- well, it's skin that looks slightly dry and line-like. If you look at a twenty-something-year-olds arm near the crease she is as smooth and silky as butter. Once you get closer to your late twenties, thirties, forties and upward- it's crepey skin days versus better days. This happens from the loss of collagen/estrogen as a natural result of the aging process and other factors but it doesn't have to show on our face and skin. Here are 7 solutions to age gracefully and with vibrant health.

1. Drink pure water instead of sodas or even vitamin water (eight 8 oz glasses is recommended). You can squeeze a lemon or lime in for the taste. 

2. Limit late night eating after 8pm. Especially Chinese or any other highly processed high sodium food. Salt is the worst for your under eye area and eating late at night is a sure way to look a lot older than you feel the next day. Opt for fruit and salad if you must eat late. You'll see a HUGE difference in the morning.

3. Ditch the sodas and coffee - I know. It's hard for most- but it speeds up your body and taxes your adrenal glands and makes you age prematurely. It's great ON your skin (caffeine), but not great INSIDE your body. It is responsible for dark circles and tired aged looking skin. Think "crepey" under eye skin. Replace with herbal teas that are naturally caffeine free and opt for more fresh pressed juices. 

4. Exercise 3-4 times per week no matter what. Make it a priority, because without your health and energy- all that you are striving for may never come to pass if you're not around to enjoy it. Start with simply walking if need be but get that blood flowing. Your face (and heart) will thank you!

5. Eat and drink green leafy vegetables. Drink more greens and eat more spinach fiber and kale. Your skin can detox nicely with the help from green foods. You can't over do the greens so don't worry, plus your energy level will increase over time after your body has detoxed from all the processed foods and sugars. I throw an apple in with my green smoothies to make them taste good.

6. Use a natural skincare without SLS, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, and things you can't pronounce. Natural soap removes dirt and makeup. I personally love the Spearmint Wheatgrass Face Spa Bar for this. It's mild on the skin, shrinks pores and doesn't over dry delicate skin. It's made especially for the face. Exfoliating stimulates your own body's collagen which helps keep skin supple and youthful looking. Follow up with rose toner along with a day or night cream. For glowing skin on your body (minus crepey skin) use Jumping Java Unisex Face & Body Scrub and Mask and see the difference for yourself. I use this when my skin is needing some extra TLC and I have had a busy week. 

7. Get quiet time alone daily and adequate sleep. Prayer, meditation, long walks in nature, and being still for 15 minutes to an hour a day can actually help relax your mind which in turn relaxes your face, which in turn makes you look beautiful and probably a lot more pleasant to hang out with. Get proper sleep. Your heart needs a rest from anxiety. Take that calm time your body needs to be still. Take time to unwind. I do this often by taking long baths, reading spiritual books, listening to the cello, petting my cat, or walking in nature near big trees, colorful flowers or along the beach coastline. Most importantly do something that gives you peace and joy. 

What do you do to make sure your skin body and soul rests? Share your own ideas below!



  • April Lazzara

    I am coming to Aventura this weekend with my mom! Can’t wait to stock up before I head back to North Florida! Your products are AMAZING! I love the Monoi de Tiare Night Cream and the black and white soap (forget the name but it has charcoal and clay in it).

  • Peter Daily

    Totally hooked on your soaps. I have to try the exfoliator. I haven’t yet but I have tried your lotion and it helped my skin a lot. I am allergic to most soaps and yours don’t bother me at all. Love them. -Pete

  • Shelia

    LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!! The Jumping Java Exfoliator!!! It has helped with my wrinkles and crows feet. I am proud to support Me & a Tree because I know all the benefits! I have all the ladies at my job using your products! I could be your ambassador!!! LOVE THE BRIGHT EYES AND FACE DAY CREAM. I swear I look younger after one use!!! DONT EVER STOP MAKING THESE PRODUCTS PLEASE!!!! See you at MCH :) Nurse Shelia

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