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Seriously, there are so many exciting ways to stay connected to one another both creatively and in business. Before I start each day I start with a funny quote. I like to laugh a lot. It keeps me young. If you want some great suggestions for nail art, then head over to Pinterest.

While social media is morphing and growing very fast, much to the dismay of some, I find it an excellent way to see what a company is all about. What better way to see an owner and hear directly from the horses mouth so to speak? By watching them and seeing the face behind the product, you can tap into the very heart and soul of the company you choose to support with your dollars and loyalty.

Facebook has a new feature called EVENTS and LIVE EVENTS that allow me as a business owner to connect directly with you and answer your questions in person in real time.  Check out the Pamper Your Skin Q & A I did last week. Only download the social media "app" (application) of your choice, such as Facebook, Periscope,  (to name a few of the ones I use the most) and get updates and connect with me and my brand. Next, create your page by creating your social account. Then you can connect organically to me and my company. Example: When I am on my personal page inside Facebook, I get notified if one of my friends or persons of interest that I follow is broadcasting live via video within Facebook. It benefits me because I am either a fan or follower, and it allows me to see the latest and most up to date information they are sharing and support them or purchase something of interest. If there's a limited run on what they offer I get notified right way. It's pretty nifty. See below for a few reasons why you should check out our Me and a Tree Skincare LIVE broadcasts on Facebook.


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Here's how YOU can benefit from following us on social media.
1. We answer your questions LIVE a New feature on Facebook and Periscope. Periscope uses your Twitter account to notify you so follow me on Twitter first and you'll get notified there with the little tweet sound (so cute!). You then need to download the Periscope application so you can catch my live events on Periscope- unless you can just click my link on Twitter- that may be the case. I am mostly on Facebook for the time being, but I like Periscope also and this may be something more and more people use over time just for your information.
2. You get to connect with me face to face. That's right! You can see me and post your most pressing skin care questions in real time on your lunch break or while standing in line at the post office or in Thailand! Seriously anywhere!  I'll answer you in real time, and you'll see me talking directly to you via video. You don't have to be seen just post your question. I am the one on the screen.
3. We here at Me and a Tree, like to make it worth your while and often share promos and giveaways through both our newsletter and LIVE events.  If you get a special invite, through the mail, you should accept it because you can be inducted into a VIP Group and get even more perks and surprises and even help test new items and give your feedback. When you invest in our company through your purchases and loyal support - we honor you back and show our appreciation.

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Our last event, for example, we offered FREE shipping on qualifying orders- something we only do a few times a year. Soon we will be offering limited supplies of an exclusive limited run product or ask you to test a product for free and give us your feedback privately so we can continue to make products that you love and cherish. You will certainly want to be signed up for our newsletter to get the insider scoop so click HERE to sign-up NOW and make sure you don't miss out on another perk or LIVE Facebook event!

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