Bath Bombs Trade Shows & My Life! (also Part 2 from Mexico)

Loving our new bath bombs I created this season! I decided that I was going to make them without any fragrance or colorants. I use only pure essential oils and natural clays. I am enjoying the softness the bombs leave in my bath time. Their delicate scent lifts my mood and feels so nice on my skin. I love using pure essential oils as opposed to fragrance because I am allergic to certain fragrances and if I am going to be soaking my body I prefer essential oils. Those that do not like overly strong scents are going to ADORE these bath bombs because they are subtle but scented beautifully.

I used clays that are best known for not over drying the skin while at the same time cleansing and beautifying. Rosewood and Ylang Ylang were my inspirations for this series and I have read a lot of great benefits if these two oils, along with the many benefits including aphrodisiac and antiseptic qualities, there is the clearing of negative energy that I most enjoyed while using these oils. Essential oils are unique and amazing. I am enjoying working with them immensely. I also made a rose and citrus one with juniper and its pretty fab! Check them out online or at our events! A

In my last email, I mentioned Part 2 of my trip. The first trip I took to Mexico, I opted NOT to pay for the natural bug repellant because it was pricey- needless to say- THAT is where I learned about the big black flies that bite down there! I did get bit and it hurt a lot! So after my experience of Mexico ramping up the eco bug repellants and reef safe sunblocks, I decided 4 years later to return but this time with MY OWN CREATIONS! I used my handmade bug repellant and it worked FANTASTIC! I didn't get bit by anything the entire time I was there! I also used my new reef safe sun protection and it worked perfectly! I made what would be the equivalent of SPF 30 and stayed in the sun ALL DAY and didn’t get burnt. My husband did the same thing and was fine as well. We have these items up on the site for your buying options. Lastly, this weekend we will be at the Miami Beach Convention Center for our very first trade show! I feel a little unprepared but I am hoping to learn a lot and have fun meeting all the people in the spa industry and dermatology offices!

Our products are natural and it will be interesting to see how the medical side sees our products compared to companies like Mary Kay and others who will also be attending the event. There will also be natural spa companies there and I am personally looking forward to learning more about this amazing industry. I am excited! They are going to giving a lot of spa products away, including us! We will be giving swag bags and more so come on out if you have time! They are going to have a VIP section that will have wine and light food along with free massages and facials (which sounds pretty fantastic to me!). I sent out a coupon code for the event but you may want to book online for the VIP because those sell out fast. If you need a code sign up. If you miss the email with my code then email me and I will send you one! See you soon! ~Michelle

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