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I am so excited! It's been a few months of searching for a new name for Pixie Dust Naturals. We sent out a questionnaire asking for our loyal customers opinions and what came back delightfully surprised us! You said that you didn't really care what the new name was as long as it reflected our philosophy and still was the same fantastic product we have always provide- and it is and will always be! That's out promise! We are selecting a name that allows you to share our brand with friends & family with confidence and we are choosing a name that matches our values and the natural nature and direction of our company. We have a few top names and are in the process of making the final decision! 

One of the points that stood out as we were talking about this "re-brand" is that we are really huge into the humane treatment of animals. I realized that most of the time I am making products I don't always tell you guys about how & why I select my raw materials. It's something that is very close to my heart and I want to share more about that process in the coming months. I will be talking about why we choose to select certain oils and where they originate from and how that has brought back the failing eco systems and habitats for animals in specific areas. It's heart warming to say the least.

Having an educational natural company such as I have means I do things with a purpose and I want to share that purpose with you by blogging and keeping you more informed. I will be writing more so you understand how you are also making a positive impact by purchasing products from us and supporting sustainable agriculture. Most of you know we are a cruelty free company and may also know we do not test on animals and do not purchase raw ingredients from companies that do such cruel and inhumane things. One thing you may not know is how we have also made a positive heart warming impact on failing habitats.

When you purchase from us you may not realize what a profound difference you are making simply by buying our artisan handcrafted natural skincare and candles. You are! Those are stories that are worth sharing and I plan on doing so!

I love animals but I also love people. That includes little people. Yes, I am referring to kids! Did you know that we give to a specific charity to help kids and their families who can't afford life saving medical treatment? Yep! We do! You are also helping these kids when you purchase our products! I will share more about this later in an upcoming blog!

It's important to support caring and conscientious small companies that care about the issues that impact all of us the world over.  With your help we are making a difference locally and abroad in both plant and animal kingdoms as well as the little people kingdom! Thank you!

Stay posted for name reveal (so excited!) and more news and articles from us!

Stay beautiful- naturally,


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