2018's Top Holiday Gift Sets You'll Absolutely Love

Rumor has it, we’re about to make your gift shopping experience a whole lot easier! We’re super excited about the holidays coming up and know it’s certainly a challenge when it comes to finding the perfect gift.  Whether your close ones are into smelling good, moisturizing, or simply taking really long (and awesome) baths, we’ve got the scoop on where you can find it all.


Here are some exclusives you’ll want to know about:


All-in-One Natural Soaps Gift Set



All-in-One Natural Soaps Gift Set
When it comes to the natural world, we know a thing or two! This incredible gift set includes Bee My Honey & Oats Natural Artisan Handcrafted Face & Body Bar Soap shampoo and body wash that's as soft for the skin as for the hair. Thai Coconut creation is an all-in-one shave bar & great for the whole body (face, body, & hair shampoo bar) with a lovely creamy soft lather that makes shaving a smooth conditioning experience. Our favorite Spearmint Wheatgrass contains naturally occurring antiseptic properties that support the recovery of problematic, itchy, dry skin, and scalp. Great facial cleanser for as well as having a stimulating action on the mind. And Our popular and favorite Tunisia Charcoal Detox Natural Vegan Soap 6oz-8.5oz with Activated Charcoal. Great cleansing and deodorizing bar after the gym. An excellent shampoo, facial and body bar balanced just right with Olive Fruit Oil, Unrefined Shea and much more to deodorize and detoxify without drying 



These delicious and powerful products are definitely a green light for a holiday gift!


Honey Blossom Gift Set



This one’s definitely not something you want to miss. With a special combination of pleasant florals that include the Honeysuckle Jasmine Aromatherapy Massage Candle, you’re going to make this holiday a lot more memorable. That’s not all! This all-natural gift set also comes with a plant-based Honey Blossom Nourishing Body Smoothing Lotion and the Honey-Suckle Rose Clay Purification Bar for the face and body.


 If you’re looking for something to really top off the charts, the Honey Blossom Gift Set will certainly be a thoughtful and exceptional holiday surprise.


French Lavender Natural Skin Care Gift Sets Always Deliver



When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a gift that will make you smell ridiculously good! The French Lavender Natural Skincare Sets is the perfect gift to help you relax and unwind after a long day. Help your loved ones decompress with the pure French Lavender candle and the beauty bar made to help calm the skin. Along with the perfect bath settings, this gift set also includes the nourishing Lavender Vanilla Body lotion made to moisturize and soothe. Since it always comes down to finding the right products for your friends and family, a pampering set of all-natural ingredients will make present-shopping a whole lot easier.


Grooming Skincare Set

Natural Organic Grooming Skin Care Gift Set

If you’re still looking to gift your hubby, father, or even brother, the all-natural grooming set should be your top choice. With a mix of Cedarwood Yuzu Loofah exfoliating soap scrub bar and the nutrient-rich Argan Oil Balm, grooming has just moved to the next level. With an additional Cocoa Shea Butter Natural Beauty Bar Soap and the Patchouli Hand and Body Lotion, you’ll want to buy one for yourself! Not only are these natural ingredients and essential oils rejuvenating, but they are a healthy and better alternative to products with preservatives and chemicals. All natural and powerful ingredients help ensure your skin is receiving the treatment it needs and deserves.


Though we have a lot more to show you, it’s best you browse our entire gift collection.  You’ll find sets with all-natural, pure, and deliciously-smelling oils that will make you wonder why you haven’t thought of these sooner! Remember, in this chemically-conscious world, your loved ones will certainly smile and approve of your healthy and thoughtful choice. Learn more about Me and a Tree’s mission. 

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