3 Beautiful Healing Lip Balms (and why you need them!).

Best Natural Healing Lip Balms & Why You Need Them
Lips are the second most looked at feature on our face after the eyes, and that's why it's so important to keep our lips looking healthy and smooth. It's our calling card! It's right up there with white teeth- it just makes people look more friendly, approachable and more youthful when we see nice teeth and lips!

That's why today I want to introduce you to a lip balm like no other. There are thousands of lip balm brands to choose from, so what makes ours any different, you ask? It's the ingredients and amounts of each element that we include in each batch of healing balm we make. We don't scrimp. We don't cut corners. We know the truth about cheap oils that go rancid faster and oils that not only make products last longer- but also moisturize with that perfect balance of stay power and healing.

My skin is sensitive, and I don't want harsh cancer-causing ingredients in my skincare, and I am sure you don't either. I also do not want to feel like I am wearing thick wax that dries out my lips like so many balms leave me. I want lip balm to heal and protect and give me a little color & moisturizing help. I want my lips to look beautiful, smooth, plump, and healthy. I also wish for my natural lip balm to last a long time. I do not want to feel like I have to keep reapplying every five minutes because my lips feel waxy and dry, as is so often the case with 99% of lips balms out there today. 

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I spent much time formulating my lip balms. It was imperative to include jojoba, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, aloe, sustainable palm, avocado oil, and vitamin E. Those oils cost a little bit more and for a good reason- they are superior, and are very emollient and moisturizing, and have a much longer shelf life, not to mention are much more conditioning for the lips.

The oils we included in each lip balm last much and don't go rancid like sunflower, canola, and soybean oil. No offense to any of those oils, but those are not top tier oils to be used in a lip balm. The sunflower tends to go rancid fast, and when that happens, everything else degrades along with it. Have you found a lip balm that contains as many emollients and moisturizing oil as ours do? Because I haven't. My customers haven't. In fact, just pulling up a search- I can't find even one.

Most companies won't put all those top tier oils into a blend because it's costly.
Here's how I look at it and should too. Let's say you planned on spending five dollars on a lip balm. If they don't help, why bother? We know the two and three dollar ones do nothing and actually irritate many people's lips due to the wax content and lack of beneficial oils.

Most lip balms last a long time. If you spend a little more for a lip balm that works as expected (to heal and moisturize cracked dry lips!), why wouldn't you? Lipstick is drying! You can put our lip balms right b=over your lipstick if you wear it. Suppose you don't wear lipstick, even better! You want to keep those beautiful lips looking youthful, smooth, and soft -naturally!

Check out our in-high-demand naturally plant-based lip balms which are also free from FD& C Colorants, Lard, or Petroleum. Grab a few for the purse, car, gym, skiing, scuba diving, running, camping, rafting, outdoors, or only for the sheer joy of knowing you're taking care of and healthily preserve your lips. Say goodbye to chapped, chaffed, dry, cracked lips and hello to naturally smooth, youthful, beautiful kissable lips! Lips are your calling card so let them shine-naturally. 

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