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After realizing how important is it to pay attention to the environment, I decided to step up and get certified so I could help gather information for research scientists. I fell in love with the Cenotes when my husband and I took a trip to Mexico. Dipping into the crystal clear waters there surrounded by the living beauty of caves and caverns in the forests was like a time capsule into the past before commercial buildings crowded everything. It was quiet and peaceful. I feared it would change soon. I felt like the waters of the world needed to be protected. There is so much commerce and building happening in and over areas that are affecting the biodiversity of fish habitats and straining the natural resources we have on this planet- namely our oceans. I didn't realize how nature was being slowly destroyed right in front of our eyes. I didn't know how to help - yet.

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I didn't know I would become an Underwater Naturalist. My interest revolutionized into a natural direction I could be passionate about. I wanted to incorporate helping into what I do already. I have always loved trees, forests, animals, and nature. Living in Florida, I took for granted this magnificent ecosystem we have- our ocean. In my mind, the ocean was so large I reasoned it must have a natural way of filtering out pollution.

It wasn't until I started traveling a little bit that I noticed a lot of garbage in certain waters that were thought to be pristine. The garbage in the Bahamas made my heart sink. I've seen it in Florida as well. Solving pollution on such a grand scale seemed like a daunting task. Too large of a problem for one person to solve. Where would I start? Who would I speak with who could help? Certainly many other people had tried to affect change before me, right? It didn't seem to be working.

These thoughts didn't just go away. I couldn't understand how Florida could be so dependent on tourism and water sports to not be thinking more seriously about what was happening to our waters. It turns out there are many scientists (see my other blogs regarding the Italian Scientist who did studies regarding chemicals in certain sunscreens) who are interested in this very problem.

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Many scientists and biologists are unable to scuba dive to see and collect data. I found out that I could help them. Reading, research and meeting biologists gave me new hope. I could still run my company Me and A Tree Skincare and help generate awareness about chemicals and pollution that leach into the waters and destroy more than our reefs.

If you join me on this eco-journey, you'll experience with me as I travel underwater and let the ocean tell her story. I'll share my experience and knowledge as I continue to learn and write about where we are regarding oceanic research, fish populations, and health.

To help aid in the preservation of our coral reefs, we thank all who purchase natural products from companies with ethical values such as ours. Until we meet again.

Thank you for reading and caring,
Michelle Touchstone
Owner Me & a Tree Skincare

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