4 Skincare Products You’ll Need this Summer

4 Skincare Products You’ll Need this Summer

Ah, it’s summertime! You’ve finally made it past the rain showers, breezy evenings and you’re ready to bask in the sunshine warmth. But before you head on out to your favorite hiking scene, or that exciting beach picnic, it’s important that you follow some tips to protect your beautiful skin. After all, we’re all looking to rejuvenate and refresh the skin and prevent those fine lines and wrinkles! In these heated months, you’ll want to adjust your skin care routine to ensure better hydration and proper defense.


Not sure how to do that? We’ll show you:


Use the Right Sunscreen


Not all sunscreens are created equal. Sunscreens made with chemicals that can seep into the bloodstream like oxybenzone, octisalate, and avobenzone are a big no-no. Such chemicals can disrupt your hormonal balance and produce free radicals that can be health-damaging. Go for a non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen that’s totally safe and effective.


Also, if you weren’t aware, harsh chemicals found in other sunscreens can bleach corals, and become a great threat to our majestic aquatic ecosystem. Make sure, sunscreens with the tag, “reef-safe” only have non-nano zinc because those are the ones to trust as being truly "reef safe" and safe for your family especially if are packed with all-natural moisturizers like Jojoba and Borage, which don’t pose any risk on the environment.


Me and a Tree’s various biodegradable and reef-safe sunscreens make it a whole lot easier to enjoy summer activities without any concerns for your skin and the ocean.


Time to Exfoliate


Your summer skin can start to produce excess oil and also look dry and dull if you don’t exfoliate during your skincare routine. You’ll need a powerful and yet gentle exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells and leave you feeling clean and refreshed.


Depending on the type of ingredients found in your exfoliator, some ingredients may cause even more inflammation and make things worse. This is why it’s crucial to find an all-natural and high-quality exfoliator that can be kind to your skin and still get the job done.


Me and a Tree’s Jumping Java Exfoliating Scrub has become an all-time favorite for summer skincare. Blended with whole rose petals, high-end coffee beans and GLA-rich oils like sweet almond oil. This potent formula helps soften and moisturize the derma while instantly providing that radiant glow we all dream of. Get yours now!


Quenching your Skin


When you feel the real thirst of hanging out in the sun, it’s only normal that your skin is just as needy. Drinking lots of water and making sure your skin is absorbing some serious hydrating serum is a big summer must-do.


For your outdoor days, make sure you apply Me and a Tree’s Daytime Line Defense Cream for a skin-enriching experience. With nourishing and pH-balancing emollients, this special defense-formula will transform your skin. Whether you’re headed for a fun afternoon event or simply enjoying a short walk, this awakening formula will give your skin just the right push to survive through the day.


For your evening routine, use Me and a Tree’s Monoi Age-Defying Nightime Face Cream to renew your skin and restore its full balance overnight. With the heavenly smell of Monoi flowers and the plant-based toners like the Damascus Rose, this evening luxury is one you’ll forever cherish.


If you still haven’t figured out the right summer skincare regimen, we’re here to help. Browse Me and a Tree’s collection now to get started on your new treatments with all-natural and high-quality ingredients. Summer, here we come! 

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