Water, Your Cells, and Carcinogens

I know we are supposed to drink a lot of water but how much? I decided to read up on our supposed daily water intake and see if I could learn the truth. Turns out our bodies are made up of more than 60% water. Our blood is made up of 92% water. The brain and muscles are 75% water, and our bones are about 22% water. We can't survive more than a few days without water.

We need to drink between 8 cups to 2.2 liters a day (9 cups) if you're female and a3 liters ( 13 cups) if you're male. I am aiming for 2 plus liters a day since I do run etc.  When I scuba dive I drink a liter the night before and another one in the morning before I dive, or I will be severely dehydrated after my dive. The 8-8 rule (eight 8 oz glasses per day) is an easy and good way to remember approximately how much water per day we should be drinking. Our skin needs water in order to stay clean, clear and vibrant. It's not only important what we put on our skin but also what we put inside our body as well. Beauty starts on the inside. For a beauty day cream that is natural and helps hydrate tired skin go here and for light scented potent night cream go here.

Our cells can't get rid of toxins inside your body effectively without water.  When you do not drink enough water, your body becomes dehydrated many times without you even knowing it. When your body is in a dehydration state, it starts storing the toxins (it can't get rid of) in various places like joints and other areas. One study from PBS showed that not only does inadequate water intake cause cells to become mutated (which is what cancer is) but also that water from the municipalities have a known serious carcinogen. In the USA, the chemical that is a known carcinogen referred to as N-Nitrosodimethylamine (Formation) happens as a result of the prescription Methadone (used for Heroin addicts and pain management) entering into our water system. People take their meds, then excrete the medication through their urine. The water goes from their toilet back to the treatment plants. The use of Chloramination and the mix of Methadone results in a toxic chemical remaining present in our drinking water called N-Nitrosodimethylamine Formation. The carcinogen has been found in many cities in the USA's municipal water. See LINK for the study from the Environmental Science and Technology Groups Letters Publication Here

The interesting part of my research was that municipalities could use carbon filters (activated charcoal carbon filters) and completely stop this carcinogen from entering our municiple water supply. The reason municipalities don't is because of the cost. Sad but true. Carbon filters absorb chemicals without depositing chemicals into your water. I recently bought one of these carbon filters for my portable Big Berkey Water Filter. You may see the one I have here. Carbon Filters take all the chemicals including fluoride out without depositing "cleaners" such as chlorine and fluoride etc. into your water. I think most people if given a choice would prefer nothing be added to their water. I also bought the additional carbon filters here.

Moral of the story? Drink water during your day because your body is most likely dealing with a toxic environment, and that includes your food. If you are prone to arthritis and other ailments your diet may be contributing to your pain. Drinking water may be all you need to wash the excess of toxins away before damage sets in. Our bodies are quite efficient at healing and recuperating from imbalance including painful arthritis, however, you have to be aware of your prone issues. I am prone to joint pain, and I have to run and drink water along with taking Magnesium. I take a liquid form and have seen great results. This is the one I take here, and it works very well for me. I buy mine from Wholefoods Natural Grocery Store. I also recently started incorporating trace minerals into my regimen since I am a Vegan.

As I sit with a glass of water next to me from my Big Berkey Water Filter, I encourage you to start drinking more water. I know it may not seem important but it is, and your body may be starving for it. Think about your organs and their need for lubrication. They need water to help you feel great. Think about the mutating cells of Cancer and how many people have become tested positive for Cancer. I think that's good enough reason to start drinking more water right there. Bottoms up! 

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Water, Your Cells, and Carcinogens Hydrating Natural Skin Care




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