5 Books That Changed My Life In 2019

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I have always enjoyed books.
Ever since I was a kid, I can remember how much fun it was to take the bus down the hills in San Francisco from Prague Street in the Mission District to the San Francisco Public Library a few blocks away. I would stop at the little stores on the way and pass fresh fruit stands, bread stands, and Hello Kitty shops and enjoy the culture and offerings. It was such a beautiful escape to the world of knowledge. So books for me were always like taking a mental adventure. You could go to so many places without going very far from home- and I loved it!

So, I still enjoy a good book. Lately, due to time constraints, I listen to audio-books. They are great for long drives, short drives, and tub time. I am going to share a few that I enjoyed below. Some are psychology, and some are business books. All of them have to do with self-betterment in some way. If you have a favorite book, please share it in the comments at the end of this blog! 




1. Safe People. How to find healthy relationships that are good for you -and avoid those that aren't. Hands down the best of all the books I read this year and impacted me deeply. Being a kind of people pleaser type, I could see myself in a lot of the pages. It talks about why we are attracted to the wrong people and how to learn to be attracted to better people- safe people. It also teaches some valuable tools for becoming a safe person, as well. I give the book a ten on a scale of 1-10.

2. Complaint Free World (I read this in 2017, but it is so dang good I reread it). Have you ever hung out with a friend or family member only to feel drained afterward? Have you ever listened to your own words come rolling out of your mouth only to realize you aren't saying much? This is an excellent book on how to improve your mental mindsets and word energy, which will enhance the quality of life- both for you and your loved ones. 

3. Spark. This book was paramount in my journey of healing and making sure I exercised daily. The book heroically touches on the truth about performance and achieving more through exercise. My favorite were the studies that compared S.A.T. scores and grades of those students who ate well and exercised each morning and those that didn't. You know donuts and coffee vs. juicing and eating a balanced meal and the mental benefits of exercising before the day starts, Very inspiring. 

4. Girl Stop Apologizing. I enjoyed this book because it gives women permission to talk about HOW they became successful, what they had to give up, and crashes the ideas that shame successful women into a corner because they aren't sacrificing the "right things." It changed my thoughts about what is and isn't "right" for women with kids etc. An eye-opening read that's both fun and light as well as relevant. 

5. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. The sophistry behind manipulative and character flawed people and how to avoid getting run over like a freight train. Ever wondered why some people get ahead even though people hate their guts? Ever watch a room full of people "suck up" to the cutthroat person with "all the power?" Why is that? How about that gnawing feeling (& experience) that the "nice person" in the office is actually horrible, but you can't prove it? This book will help you navigate through the world of liars, manipulators, self-absorbed, swindlers, cheats, and frauds. Avoid being ruined, undermined, and taken advantage of by knowing what makes certain people tick & how to deal with it. In other words- don't be a sucker-  read this book. 

Do you have some great books that impacted your life or perhaps helped you in some way? Share below! I love a good read. Here's to a better year! 

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