Boundaries (Where Others End & You Begin).

Boundaries Where Others End & You Begin


Have you ever had someone go through your purse? How about your phone? Not a very comfortable feeling is it? When someone crosses a boundary and thinks "our stuff" is suddenly "their stuff", a fundamental principle is ignored. Our rights. But what about boundaries that seem invisible like our time? 

How often do you set out to do something you want to do and then realize a million things are begging for your attention? What if it's good stuff? Maybe it's kids soccer or dance practice or the boss dropping a project on your desk right before your family vacation? Or what if someone wants to speak to you but you only have 15 minutes to talk before you have another appointment in your day. How do you handle the chronic complainer who insists on telling you yet again another "issue" they have with you or someone in their life, taking up your valuable (and limited) time? 

Admittedly, I've had people attempt to hijack my life, mind, and schedule. It's difficult to say no to people sometimes. We often feel sorry for people and want to help them with their problems and life issues. What is the difference between helping someone and them controlling you? An indicator is our energy levels. Low energy and uncomfortable (guilty) feelings may indicate we have a boundary issue. What is a healthy boundary?

To put it simply, a boundary is where others end and you begin.  Think of it as your own space to roam wild, safe and free.

In a course I am teaching about how to overcome obstacles in your life, we will learn how to erect healthy boundaries. If you are a "nice" person and do not like conflict, you may have become drained or overwhelmed and feel underappreciated and or downright depressed & confused. As a recovering people pleaser myself, I can feel your pain! Learn how to protect your space and mind and create healthy boundaries that will help you get along better with others' as well as yourself.

I am teaching a six-week course where we will explore together and learn what makes us tick and how to make sure we are all living our best life. Success doesn't just happen automatically. There are very specific mindsets that take place in order to reach a state of wellbeing. Want to explore them?

Contact us to learn more about my upcoming limited seat course that is designed to help with overcoming the obstacles we all face each and every day of our lives. 


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