Brrrrr Cold Weather in South Florida!

Wow! My husband and I woke up to a very chilly willie South Florida this week! No need for air conditioning that's for sure! In fact, I was actually tempted (and still am) to put on the heater! I know that sounds crazy to those that are traveling here for a vacation or Holiday or live elsewhere and reading this, but believe it or not we just aren't used to the cold. Yes, we wear sweaters under 70 degrees. It's kinda funny actually. When I hear it's 30 degrees somewhere else, I can hardly imagine getting outta bed for that. Yes, I like it toasty. I am all for cozy. If I lived in a cold climate- I think I'd never go to work. I'd drink cocoa in my jammies and socks all day!

I do have to admit that the weather being cold this week gives us Florida folks, a very nice holiday feel. I dream of white Christmas's but I like the 70-degree weather. Still, I can't help but love the idea of a beautiful crystal white snowy Christmas. It's so storybook looking. Everything draped in white, makes it look celestial. I am missing snow just writing about it! So picture perfect. 

I do everything possible to savor the feel of the Holidays and I have the tree lit up right now and can actually hear the wind blowing outside my window. The moment is complete with the Frosty The Snowman song playing all through the house. Yes, we love Christmas here at our house. I even have my Me and a Tree Christmas inspired candles burning. I have my Plumeria Vanilla candle burning (and I am getting ready to make more this week!). I also have a Fir needle candle burning called Deep Forest. I love mixing candles in my spaces.  It definitely smells like the Holidays at our house! It's awesome... I hope you are enjoying your pre-holidays also! Stretch them for all they are worth (that's my motto)!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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  • Dolly

    Yep! And I am buying the set for the Holidays! Love your candles and well EVERYTHING! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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