Fall Leaves Michelle

I took this picture yesterday on my morning run. My heart leaped a bit at seeing the changing leaves! I had to snap a photo for posterity, and the beautiful reminder that- yep! It's official! We are "officially" on the Tennessee bandwagon and therefore everyone outside the state of Tennessee no longer pays sales tax on their online orders from ME AND A TREE SKINCARE! How cool is that Florida? If you need a good reason to fall into saving -well that's a great one! Combine no more sales tax with FREE SHIPPING over $75 and that's even better than shopping in person- because it's minus the tax!!! Now my lovely Tennessee peeps, you still have free shipping over $75 and that's a nice perk too. We offer this all year round, so enjoy it!

Best Holiday Natural  Soy Candles

You know what else? With the savings on free shipping over $75 you can add a few fall candles to help get you into the spirit of fall! We all could use a little lift, wouldn't you say? I might not be able to solve the entire world's problems, however,  I can do what I know best and that is to make wonderfully natural safe products that spread health, smiles, and joy, the world over! So on that note...

The green leaves in Tennessee are changing colors to orange and yellow and I felt like sharing my fall candle line to match the mood they elicit and the beautiful change of season that inspire me to create them. If you aren't in an area where the leaves change with the season, that's fine- then borrow these new fall scented soy candles I made to whisk you away to an enchanted forest of your own kind! So no matter where you are, you will be uplifted! When you come home from work, it's so lovely to smell AUTUMN! Deep Forest, Plumeria Vanilla, Rosemary, those are all so comforting to me. The only thing better than drinking it - is smelling it! Lifts my mood every time!


Don't like sweet scents? No problem! There's something for you too! Fall into this sensual Deep Forest" Soy Candle, a wonderfully natural scent that calms the mind and scents the room perfectly for fall!  So, jump online and let us know what you think! Grab yours now! Send us an email with your ideas too! Love to hear from you. Tell us your favorite fall scents and don't forget to share the love with friends & family who could use a pick me up and a little spice of life! Scent is a wonderful calming way to illuminate the atmosphere and spread joy.

I will be making a small batch of fall candles and hope you grab some today! Until then... Don't forget to share the love and make your day and theirs, naturally uplifting! Like Fall...


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