Farmers Market Season Update (Changes)

South Florida Spring Time Me and a Tree Skincare

Spring is here! I can feel Summer kissing us too. Soon I will be getting in the water to scuba dive and snorkel in 80-degree water just the way I like it! There are a few other transitions coming as well. Stay in the loop so you can pick up your skincare this season without missing a beat.

Parkland Farmers Market which takes place 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month is almost coming to a close until November 2017. Our last two dates will be April 9 and 23. I will be at both events to wish you all well and help with all the last minute stocking up.

Aventura Mall 
once a month (mall hours) Saturday 10am-9:30 pm and Sunday 12pm-8 pm  Another nice thing about Summer in Florida is you always have a beautiful indoor mall to escape the hot weather if you so desire which brings me to another point. Our Monthly events at Aventura Mall offer the full indoor experience in an upscale setting where you may want to bring a guest to show off some of the nice areas of town. Aventura Mall is a great place for those not accustomed to our humid weather too and who may enjoy getting a little air conditioning this time of year. We are located near the Koi Pond or sometimes they move us over near the Apple store. Both locations are on the ground floor. It's close to the beach so a hop over to the water is possible if you are entertaining guests.

Pinecrest Farmers Market from 9am-2:30 pm. @ Pinecrest Botanical Garden every Sunday year round  Part of being in the tropics here in South Florida is the lush green palms and plants we Floridians enjoy year round. We like the "jungle feel". One of our year-round markets takes place in a lovely large green canopy of trees located in Pinecrest (Miami) Florida. This particular Green Farmers Market is located in south Miami just off Red Road. Pinecrest Farmers Market happens to be one of the few 100% Organic markets in Miami. We bring our full selection for our customers to enjoy and purchase. You will find my husband David there from 9 am to 2 pm (sometimes 3:30 pm -but to be safe get there earlier if possible because there are more vendors to choose from).

Wednesday 9am-4pm Nicklaus Children's Hospital Coral Gables Florida. (Old Miami Children's Hospital). This event is year-round and is located in the outdoor courtyard of the hospital.  If you are near Brickell or South Miami please stop by and pick up your weekly skincare, candles, and soaps from us!

Thursday Evenings from 4pm-9pmWhole Foods Pembroke Pines Florida or Bank Parking lot inside the Wholefoods Lot in Wholefoods Pembroke Pines ) is a year-round later afternoon- evening market and usually, has live music and something unique going on. We are always happy to do an evening market for those who can't get away during the day or can't make weekends. and will not be changing anytime soon. 

Please stay up to date with events and locations by joining our newsletter and visiting our website and clicking the "events/locations" link.

Happy Spring!

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