Beauty Really Is Skin Deep

One of my favorite things to make in our skin care line is emulsions. Emulsions are these wonderful secrets we skin care makers know all too well about. They come in the form of creams. People often come to my booth talking about pure oils (such as coconut oil) and facial applications. I am here to bluntly tell you that if you are using coconut oil on your face you are missing out on emulsions and the beauty they give skin deep. 

Our skin has a mechanism that blocks anything from penetrating to the deepest layers. It's for our safety and health. You certainly don't have to worry about coconut oil making it to the deepest layers of your skin. The problem with that is that our skin needs nutrients and the deeper you can get those nutrients and vitamins the better you look. 

This brings me to why I will always pick a cream over an oil all day long unless it's loaded with essential oils which DO make it to the deepest layers (more on that later). The molecules in an emulsion (skin cream made with oil and water) trick the skin by borrowing one molecule from water and one molecule from the oil and this is the "key" that unlocks the "door" to the deeper layers. Adding skin enhancing essential oils (like we do in our serums and face creams) means those skin loving nutrients are making it past the gatekeepers. 

If you want gorgeous radiant shine that goes skin deep then emulsions should be a part of your skin regimen. Oils have their place, but if you ask me, I'd select a great moisturizer over a pure oil any day of the week. In combination with exfoliating, you can achieve beautiful skin naturally with quality fresh natural facial creams. I leave the coconut oil for my hair. Emulsions are the best-kept secrets of millions of women across time. If you want a great face cream you can be sure that our Bright Eyes & Face Day Cream will foot the bill. Check it out

Beauty Really Is Skin Deep 100 Percent Pure Natural Skin Care For Women & Men
 and say hello to naturally beautiful skin. Bright Eyes & Face is a naturally Made Pure Plant Skin Deep Moisturizer. We add just a bit of non-nano particle zinc oxide (the same one that's used for baby bottoms) because it's so effective against the sun and so gentle for hypersensitive skin types. 


So next time someone tells you they use pure oils such as coconut oil on their face- just remember, beauty really is skin deep...

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