Healing Herbal Skin Salves For Burns Cuts & Bites

An all-purpose healing herbal skin salve or skin balm (as sometimes called) from a burn on the kitchen stove, or an outdoor bug bite or small cut from gardening or  the like, can be such a great little helper when little accidents happen. I make sure to keep a few around my house and purse. I believe keeping one in a first aid kit or kitchen drawer is a wise and wonderful idea. A well-placed salve or balm should be available- before you need it! 

I recently burned my hand while cooking granulated crystal stevia leading to a deep burn that blistered my thumb and index finger. The sugar burn kept burning deeply past the top layers of the skin. It left deep pain that hurt even after the cold water removed the sugar. The throbbing pain lingered a long time even after I washed my hands' off-as burns often do. As a formulator and musician, I use my hands for everything. Thankfully with knowledge of natural remedies & herbs from my garden, I was pain-free after one application.

I was able to play my guitar the following day. I know how important being able to get out of burn pain quickly - from experience! I wanted to create something to have on hand so next time I hurt myself, I won't have to wait and feel the deep pain I felt.

Now I share a lovely little natural remedy in a convenient carry beautiful little container full of lovely natural & organic wildcrafted herbs from my garden.  Remember this herbal tin can be kept readily available in the kitchen drawer or first aid kit. I enjoy the smell so much that I keep one in my purse as well! It smells soft and herbal, almost like a subtle earthy perfume. I use mine for no reason at- it just feels good on my hands. 

Salvation Skin Salve is 4x strength & a soothing balm with plenty of natural plant antiseptic action. Aids the body's ability to heal and recovery from burns, scrapes, cuts, stings, bites, sunburns & freshly-inked tattoos.  I used a naturally concentrated method of infusion to obtain the maximum healing constituents of every beautiful herb selected.

Made with Plantain, Comfrey, Borage, Marshmallow, Nettle Leaf, Calendula, Marygold, Yarrow, Aloe, Jojoba, German Chamomile, Lavender, Tamanu, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend.


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