Developing Healthy Skincare Habits

Our skin has a way of telling our story as we go through each chapter of our journey. When we are in our early twenties, the skin is supple and youthful as it should be, however, if heavy drinking or unhealthful living become daily or even weekly habits, our skin will hide it as best as possible for a while before breaking down and sharing our innermost truths. Zits, wrinkles and under eye circles. Especially if you have sensitive skin, to begin with.

Dealing with aging or blemished skin. The best way to stay youthful and healthy well past our twenties is to start taking a look at lifestyle choices early on before unhealthy habits have a chance to make their home permanently on our face and in our body. When we catch things early it's called prevention. Preventative medicine is the best lifestyle for a happy healthy prosperous life. I would add using chemical-free makeups and products to that list. Cheap may smell nice but it is not your skin's friend. Remember, whatever you put on your skin ends up in your body. That's just the way it goes. Keep it green and keep it clean when it comes to ingredients in your selection of skin care. 

Skin health in your thirties. Most people start to take health a bit more serious at this age. The things we choose to eat or not eat, and the sleep we do or do not get, along with water intake become more important if we want to keep that "youthful glow" and function with optimal energy. Now is the best age to make sure your foundation and creams have a little light sun protection made with natural non-nano particle zinc-oxide such as our Bright Eyes & Face Daily Face  Cream. I use it every day before I run errands or leave the house. I love the soft glow, vitamins, and nutrients it gives my skin along with sun protection. 

Best Natural Face Skin Care Blog posts Developing Healthy Skincare Habits

The thirties is also a great time to exfoliate regularly making sure all the makeup, dirt and grime from the day does not stay on overnight. A solid beauty regime will serve well at this age and pave the way to vibrant skin well into your later years.

We all need a balancing gentle daily soap, an exfoliator that doesn't deplete the skin of its natural oils and a gentle natural moisturizer.  Along with the mentions above, a nice natural plant-based toner will do wonders on days you are needing more balance (moisture to dryness) and perhaps don't want to use anything. I like to let my skin breathe especially when I am at home and spritzing a nice botanical face toner made from French Lavender flowers or Damascus Rose is a wonderful treat for the skin. It balances the pH of the skin naturally and heals any blemishes while allowing the skin to breathe. Bringing it to the gym and using before and after a workout is beneficial because the skin pores open up when we get hot and sweat. This makes "feeding" our skin easy and convenient.

Aging gracefully forty and beyond. By this age, people are aware of what foods and products cause breaks outs and what helps them feel their best. I simply know I must get a certain amount of sleep nightly and using a bit of carrot and tamanu oil like our Carrot & Tamanu Elixir serves me quite well when I am under my ideal sleep goals. Combined with exercise and the bi-weekly use of our Jumping Java Face and Body Exfoliator - I look and feel more energized when I include these beneficial health routines. I am not a huge coffee drinker as I am sensitive to caffeine, however, I certainly love using it on my face and body mixed with other natural skin enhancing plants. I certainly appreciate the wisdom that comes with experience and living longer. I know my skin well enough to know when I need more oil vs more moisturizer.

A well made plant-based facial moisturizer (skin vitamin) helps the skin stay hydrated and fed while protecting it from the harsh elements. This is a great age/time to sleep with oils on at night and use natural plant-based moisturizers with light SPF made with zinc only (not titanium dioxide) during the day.  You are welcome to try our all natural plant-based face care kit from Me and a Tree. It is both for men and women. We only use non-nano particle zinc oxide and we think you should too. 

A good skincare routine is important at any age and whatever you choose to do it helps to set up a routine and stick to it. Just like exercise benefits you over time so does a good skincare routine. Give it a chance and you will reap the rewards of a healthy vibrant skin. 

TIP: Cutting back on salt, alcohol, and caffeine consumption will help your skin stay hydrated. If you do decide to indulge, make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest to help you recover optimally. Including healthy fats in your diet will help your hormones and your skin stay balanced -so choose wisely!

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