Lavender Vanilla Lotion REMIX!

 Lavender Vanilla Lotion REMIX! Natural Lavender Vanilla Hand and Body Smoothing Lotion Me and a Tree Skincare

I remade a new Lavender Vanilla Lotion! 

Did you know that there are many kinds of Lavender essential oil? The plant name is derived from the Latin 'Lavare' meaning to wash, probably from its use to clean wounds. When Tutankhamen’s tomb was opened, it's said that urns were found which were believed to contain cosmetics scented with Lavender. Lavender use goes way back in time. One kind of Lavender (40/42) essential oil is made up of 100% natural lavender oils blended to produce an oil containing 40% linalool and 42% linalyl acetate, which are the two primary aroma compounds occurring in lavender, but there are reasons to source other kinds of lavender essential oils as well. There's Bulgarian Lavender, French Lavender, Lavender Grosso, HA Lavender.

I started sourcing the (HA) High Altitude Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) essential oil because I wanted more of the constituents such as linalool and linalyl acetate that are known to be higher in HA Lavender than those grown at lower levels.was surprised when I opened up the bottle and took a sniff. It smelled much more floral than herbaceous. I could smell "flowers". I felt instantly pleasant and relaxed. Usually, I smell more of an herbaceous scent. Not that herbaceous is bad. It's not at all. Different lavenders have different constituents.

Sometimes I want a good essential oil aromatherapy blend and other times I want a topical solution essential oil that heals. Sometimes a lavender essential oil has more or less of what I'm looking for and I like reading the chemical analysis before I buy an essential oil to see what's in a particular crop for a given season. I like having both scent and therapy for my blends. The HA Lavender essential oil is known to have more of the constituents I was looking for that are known to promote the much-coveted health benefits namely relaxation and topical applications that help mind and body. HA Lavender essential oil is grown high in the French Alps at around 2000 feet. It is considered Fine Lavender EO and is, therefore, more costly than some of the other Lavender EO's. I have been incorporating the HA Lavandula Angustifolia into my products and decided to change one of my lotion formulas to make a more subtle and deeper experience. It smells much more "real" than the first formula. More "true".

I find myself very drawn to the "comfort" of this new revised lotion formula. I love that this new remixed lotion is completely from pure and natural plants and essential oils.  Along with being fragrance-free, it's also deeply moisturizing for your skin. I have been using it generously before bed and find I sleep like a Persian cat. Pampered and relaxed!

If you haven't tried out fresh lotions made in small batches you're missing out - it's a real treat. Lotions on a shelf are much different than freshly made lotions less than a few days old. Shelf lotions have stabilizers and harsh chemicals to make sure they last years and years. Rarely do they use much of anything natural and if they do it's in very small quantities to compete price wise. By the time you get a lotion it is likely many months old reducing efficacy. Big box shops make products in large factories and the cheapest ingredients are used to produce a high yielding monetary return. It's more about marketing and dollars than about

Big box shops make products in large factories and the cheapest ingredients are used to produce a high yielding monetary return. It's more about marketing and dollars than about the passion of making something that really helps a person. Our lotions are not made with that in mind. Our lotions are made to be used within six months and are made to truly help people. Using fresh pure ingredients is our foundation and philosophy.  I like putting high-end oils and plants in high quantities because I also use my own products and am spoiled and picky when it comes to my skincare. This lotion is creamy, rich and scented to perfection. I have to say I may start using this one as my staple. The synergy is very balanced with the new formulation and I am very pleased with it.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the reaction we received on this new re-worked lotion this last Sunday at Aventura Mall and I think you will be as well. We all but sold out! Many people that don't like vanilla really liked the fact that you could actually smell the lavender and purchased - and I have to say, I liked that aspect as well. It just comes through much better in this mix.  Along with the tranquil scent of the HA Lavender and its beautiful scent, the vanilla I put in is freshly pressed from the vanilla pod and is the real deal and not from a fragrance so it doesn't leave you with that "plastic fake-y" after smell if you will. This formula is much more true, realistic, less sweet and more floral than before. It's a warm floral inviting scent. I love it! 

If you are local and come out to an event check out my freshly made batch of lotions and let us know what you think! All out events are posted on our home page under Event Locations. 


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