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Buying a gift for someone shouldn't be stressful and yet sometimes it can be. Everyone is running around getting holiday plans underway and no one wants to forget the teacher, that cares your children all year. After all, they are taking care of your most prized possession! Or what about the college kids coming home for break? You miss the heck out of them and you want them to be happy with your selections.

Trying to think of what someone you love will like is probably a bit easier than trying to figure out what a boss or valued acquaintance might like. So, why drive yourself nuts with the already limited time you have trying to do the guesswork? Get everyone a gift card and be finished! 

People have enough stuff and they want something that helps them relax after a busy week. Why not help them treat themselves to a nice experience? Many of you that receive my newsletters, know I am a huge fan of creating "moments". Time is incredibly valuable to me. Many people just don't bless themselves enough with that nourishing downtime. We all need more of it so help them get it! 

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Our eGift Cards can be both used online and in person. All you have to do is jump online and then send it to them via email. You may also want to print it out and put it in one of those fancy gift card holders- it's really up to you. 

I think a great way to say I care is sending a beautifully scented soap and lotion, or perhaps a facecare kit. Those kinds of gifts are always appreciated and the fact that you chose cruelty-free is so fashion forward. I know they'll love it. Mix it up! pick out a different item and personalize it or just add an already put together kit to your cart and send it off to them. You have options- all of them are time saving and brilliant!

Click the eGiftCard link to be taken to all our gift card options and send away! Then draw a nice spa bath for yourself complete with candles and skin smoothing scented lotion- ahhhhhh. Now that you have all that extra time- you can chill and plan for a lovely evening yourself.  

Happy Holidays!

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