NEW! Rosemary Sage Shampoo Bar (Hormonal Hair Shedding Itchy Scalp Buster)

Rosemary Sage Clay Natural Handcrafted Face Hair & Body Vegan Bar SoapHormones and hair thinning is a real thing. I know all about it.

So I wanted to make a bar that had all the healing properties of rosemary and sage because studies have shown that rosemary contains ursolic acid which is helpful in increasing scalp circulation so more oxygen and nutrients will be sent right to your hair follicles, which helps the body promote more hair growth and also rosemary and sage help with itchy scalp... Something I tend to get from time to time. I am pretty sure I am not alone! 


Sage is shown to be beneficial in alopecia and thinning hair, due to the anti-inflammatory, astringents and antimicrobial properties it contains. I also tend to smell clary sage a lot in my house because it calms me. I also know that it is beneficial from an aromatherapy standpoint for hormones. That must be why I crave the scent so much. I need it! 


So, I have been using this as my go-to shampoo bar and loving it. It lathers beautifully and the addition of the conditioning and refining clays means it actually feels quite conditioning for a soap bar! I pretty much rinse with apple cider vinegar on a ration of about 8:1. One part vinegar and 8 parts water for my extra conditioning and detangling needs. 


This soap is really necessary for those needing serious scalp help. I also recommend my Spearmint Bar and a few other bars but this particular bar of rosemary and sage specifically if you are dealing with thinning and shedding hair. I added Tamanu and German Chamomile to boot! You won't be disappointed! 


Excellent hair, face & body bar made with essential oil of Rosemary, Sage, German Chamomile, Tamanu, Sea & Kaolin clays that gently cleanse. This refreshing and revitalizing creation is gentle for all skin types (sensitive). Enjoy the gentle stimulating detoxing action of this beautifully formulated soap bar. suggested for itchy dry scalp. 

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