Our New Tea Tree and Myrrh Soap

Join me for a Hip! Hip! Horray! as I introduce our new Tea Tree and Myrrh Artisan small batch 100% pure essential oil bar to our all natural, plant based, eco-friendly and cruelty-free skincare line (Me and a Tree). Yay! I am using it tonight. AGAIN! Can't wait. 

In this particular artisan bar, I included an array of my favorite delicate essential oils for healing the scalp. The main two essential oils I'd like to share with you are the Tea Tree and the Myrrh essential oils. I choose essential oils based on what they accomplish individually as well as cohesively in giving my products a synergistic (the way they compliment one another when mixed together) effect. The constituents of one essential oil help compliment and enhance the constituents (main organic chemicals within a flower or herb species) of another oil. I choose them carefully for this reason. 

Along with the two essential oils, I mentioned above (Tea Tree and Myrrh) I also wanted to incorporate some powerful supporting plants to our Tea Tree and Myrrh Spa Bar for added mental and physical benefit. I used oil of oregano, oil of clary sage, and even real vanilla bean, to name a few which all help balance mind body and soul. That's the joy of working with plant oils. They are powerful. Nature is a force we can tap into for many benefits which I have enjoyed studying for many years.

I also formulated the specific chemistry of our new bar to have an extra creamy conditioning lather. My husband loves shaving with it. I use it to shave my legs to get a nice close shave that leaves my skin feeling clean and conditioned. I also use the Tea Tree and Myrrh bar on my scalp hair and face. I additionally added three unique kinds of clays (French Green Clay, Rhassoul and Kaolin) that help draw out impurities from the skin while helping shrink the appearance of large pores (a definite plus!) while delivering a silky feel on the skin. 

You may purchase this bar on our website today. It has a lot of extra love in it so I know you'll love it! 


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