Our Newest Addition! Coconut Shave Soap Bar

I have had a few people ask me over the years for a coconut type soap, and I decided to make one last week, and I love it! I didn't want an overly coconutty scent that smelled like sweet suntan oil. I wanted something with a more organic feel. I also wanted to add zinc oxide, because it's great for the skin and helpful for cuts and scrapes. Zinc is what is used for diaper rash and is great for sensitive skincare needs as well. 

Thai Coconut Natural Handcrafted Face Hair & Body Vegan Bar Soap

So, I made it! I love it! It came out much better than I could have even imagined! The scent is light and soft with this soft subtle hint of coconut, it has a natural creamy light coconut scent.  it's more like an edible natural coconut creamy natural smell which is exactly what I was going after! I want to eat it a little bit! 


I also love how it easily lathers into a nice white creamy experience because you can see it really well when you shave. I can see right where I left off with my razor on my legs and that's really helpful! when shaving. My husband has been using it as a shave bar for his beard and face and also loves the feel of it on his skin .


The rich lather is addicting! I found I didn't want to put it down! I kept washing my face and even created a mask with it to dry up some acne I had from eating an oily bread over the weekend- and it worked great! This bar is a great addition to our line. I have been noticing that I have been looking forward to using it and I think you will too! 


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