Progress Over Perfection

 Have you ever wanted to start something but you didn't because you felt you didn't have enough time in a day and also couldn't do it perfectly? Maybe you wanted to lose weight, increase your earning income, or maybe you wanted to change careers, or plan for retirement? Whatever your dream is, you may have looked around to see people who were already doing what you wanted to do having more success than you could possibly imagine for yourself. Did you find yourself asking how the heck they did it? How do people with kids, demanding careers or challenging schedules still get so much accomplished in their lifetime?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and yet still it's as if some people have more time, energy, connections, opportunity and/or success than others. But what if I told you that those things I just mentioned above are not the "actual" reasons some people enjoy more success than others.

For instance, I started my second business of skincare over seven years ago. The first lip balms that I made had too much natural green tint in them for some peoples lips. My lips are naturally a little red, but some people have more pale colored lips. Obviously, I was my own first customer before I started my business as I made products for my own sensitive skin conditions. I will never forget the beautiful woman who bought my first mint lip balm. She swiped her card and I finished the sale by placing a pretty pink ribbon on the bag complete with white tissue popping out of the top- "just like a pro" I thought.

I felt proud to have made my first lip balm sale-until she came back fifteen minutes later with bright green lips! I had never seen that before! She wiped off the lip balm and revealed completely pale lips totally different than mine! I realized then that I had naturally more red colored lips than some. We had a nervous chuckle about it and then I told her she may prefer the lighter shade I sell called Sugar Pomegranate Lip Balm. We made the exchange and she was satisfied but I was still embarrassed on the inside. I was hard on myself for not getting the color "more perfect". Why did I make that "terrible" mistake? How could I be so ______?

How silly now that I look back on it. I was learning to perfect my lip balm colors. All brands go through their own learning curves and it's perfectly normal. It's part of the process. No one does everything perfectly in the beginning.  Do you know how many batches of soap didn't pass my high standards before I finally had the right formula I was going after? A lot! There were times I cried my eyes out in frustration because of all the batches I had to make before I was satisfied! Years later I finally was satisfied with my formula. It was time to sell. But...

What if I let that one embarrassing moment of shame stop me from making skincare? Well, for one thing, you wouldn't be reading this awesome blog right now (wink wink),  and I wouldn't have had the privilege of helping hundreds if not thousands of people with eczema, sun spots, acne, sunburns, and more! I have had the joy of learning about different skincare needs and I have had the pleasure of people coming up to me with tears in their eyes because they can finally use skin care products again- and are forever grateful! How's that for "SUCCESS?!" I am really glad I didn't let the "inner critic" dictate my level of success. 

What about you? Do you have an inner critic that's always dragging you down? Maybe you have a difficult time following through with the dreams and goals you desire? You're not alone. We all need healthy emotional support. I have been in all those uncomfortable places too so, please don't give up just yet.  You're human. You still have time to go after your success no matter what your inner critic (family, friends, authority figures, co-workers, acquaintances, etc) whisper to you. 

If you struggle with reaching or defining your own goals and dreams, perhaps you can start today by silencing the demand for perfection. Instead, simply begin and don't worry about getting "it" perfect the first time. Letting go of having to do everything "exactly perfect" will free you to do more "wrong" and get to "right" and even possibly have you enjoying your own version of success!  It worked for me and it can also work for you too. I have learned the valuable tool of ignoring the critics (including the one in my own head)!

If you would like more information and support on reaching your own life dreams and goals consider checking out my upcoming 6-week course. Together we will tackle the "stuff" and make sure you are sailing forward with more ease and well, - success!

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