Romantic Getaway Packing Tips

Romantic Getaway Packing Tips Romantic Vacation Spot


I love vacationing to new and exciting places! What I don't love is hotel shampoo and soap! There's nothing like planning the perfect getaway and finding that the smells are "off" in your room. This is why I make sure to pack a little luxury pack before I go anywhere. I want my room (including my bathroom) to smell luxurious and I want my face and skin to look flawless for all the beautiful pictures I plan on taking and to share on social media with friends and family- I like looking my best, and here are some good ideas you may like too.


These tips will help make sure you set the perfect stage for your next vacation getaway. Grab these before you jet off!Best Romantic Getaway Packing Tips Candles Love Romance


Let's talk hotel rooms for a sec. Is it just me or do the rooms kind of smell stale in lodges and hotels at times, even in the nicest of places? Maybe I'm finicky about smells but, I always pack an aromatic candle that I enjoy when traveling. No matter what, you do not want to get to your resort or destination and smell anything other than- a vacation! 


French LavenderLotus in Love, SakuraHoneysuckle Jasmine or Eucalyptus Mint scented candles will go a long way to help ensure your room smells like the romantic and inviting getaway you imagined. Candles with their soft white light always make a shower or bath a beautiful and calming meditation as well. Always opt for soot-free natural long-burning soy candles because you don't want to breathe in harmful chemicals from paraffin and petrochemicals. Always look for 100% cotton wicks that are free from lead and zinc. This will ensure that you are using safe, clean burning candles. Add a bottle of refreshing sparkling water to your relaxing evening and light your beautifully scented soy massage candle and enjoy her slow dancing flame - she is sure to calm and rejuvenate even the most restless of souls



No one has to remind you of the truth about hotel soap and shampoo right? It's simply not a girl's best friend. I love visiting new places but always disappointed by hotel soap. I am sure it's because I am spoiled from artisan soap bars, (sorry die-hard liquid soap lovers) but liquid soap is a detergent no matter what brand it is- even the highest end one. No thank you. I am not falling for the pretty scents that cover up the fact that liquid soap is a poor substitute for a well-made artisan soap bar. Bar soaps truly conditions without being oily and without over-drying. They are highly emollient and effective and are the secret to staying youthful and beautiful for as long as possible without spending a lot of money.


Liquid soap, on the other hand, dries my skin out every time- leaving my skin looking more aged and wrinkled. That's why my husband and I each bring our own favorites. We want to look good for each other! Plus, it's fun opening them up when we are far from home. His favorite bar soap this month is Me and a Tree's Dead Sea Mud and Cedarwood Yuzu Loofah  while mine is Me and a Tree's Goat Milk & Patchouli Bar and the Lotus in Love Multi Clay Bar. It's always a delight to smell beautifully scented soap in our hotel room while traveling on vacation- it's a simple little gesture that truly makes a difference. It adds just the right amount of comfort to a delightful getaway for two-plus well-made bar soap is good for both the face and body and that's a great way to travel light by having an all in one product- because we even wash our hair with them because they smell no nice and work incredibly well. Shampoo bars are a nice addition to soap bars-especially if they can double as both. Less to pack and healthier too.


Lip Balm

When I am on vacation I like keeping it simple. I carry a very small over the body purse. It holds a credit card some cash and my I.D. and yes, you guessed it- lip balm (and a thin lip pencil for a little color while on the go). The last thing I want to carry is blush, (and all that) so the pencil doubles for my blush if need be. My lips get chapped from lipstick alone so I apply under and over my lip color to keep my lips conditioned and crack-free. I have a particular fondness for the Sugar Pomegranate Lip Balm and Spearmint Tea lip and cuticle balm but Chocolate Cacao Shea can be nice too. Depends on what the day holds. What I like about the Spearmint is it keeps my mouth feeling a little fresher during the day and I like that. They also double as a cuticle balm and hand lotion in a pinch.


Best Romantic Natural Organic Body Smoothing Lotions For Massage

Body Smoothing Lotions

Enough said! Nothing more attractive than a body lotion that pleases the senses as much as the skin. Our natural organic body smoothing lotions do that all day and night. Formulated to hydrate and glow the skin without ever clogging the pores. Luxurious after a shower skin glow after a day on the beach, or relaxing sensual massage. Our plant based formulation also enhances the skins sunburn recovery.

These simple tips and items pack a powerful experience in a small little space in your suitcase and can easily be rolled up in a pant leg and stored on the plane with no suspect. When we open our suitcase our clothes always smell like a beautiful elegant spa.


Gift Sets

If you want to take a look at some vacation travel gift kits we put together check these out! These are an enjoyable way to travel both eco-conscious and cruelty-free. Body care is a lot like food and since it is going into your body you want the most natural and well-made products you can get. Me and a Tree is an eco-friendly, and cruelty-free brand that specializes in making plant-based face and body care for the whole family using the highest quality ingredients including reef safe sunscreen. To learn more visit us here.

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