Shining Through The Rain- Lessons From My Garden


Michelle's Marigold Pics Up Close Art Pics 2020

How beautiful is this little flower? It reminds me of little Italian Cannolis! I just love taking close up shots of my garden herbs & flowers! I hadn't taken such a deep look at a simple flower in a while- and when I did, I realized how incredible life truly is. There's so much more going on than we sometimes realize. My whole body is working without much thought, and like this little amazing masterpiece, I know we are all a work of art like this little intricate flower growing in a bucket in my garden. All I had to do was take the time to really "see" past her humble little bucket. She's a marigold by the way. 

Being creative during the pandemic we are all facing took a little focus and a lot of limiting of the news. Once I started taking my time back and not swallowing all the sound bites and visuals of the news night after night, I felt a peaceful calm start to come over me again. Life is so much better when we understand that there's a lot of good still going on. Birds are still singing, butterflies are still dancing and there's still a bright beautiful golden sun in the sky. I choose to focus on the possibilities instead of what can start looking like the inevitable. If we don't watch our thoughts and time we spend talking about negativity soon we start feeling anxious. 

David and I went through a little panic like most people. Especially when our markets were cut off. The thing we had to keep in our focus is that we are all in this together. We are still a community of people that will continue to love and care for one another. That human spirit will endure and overcome. Love is something that conquers fear, hate, and anything the world can throw at it. 

Here's another little flower from my garden that I thought was so pretty up close- yes it's a little pink tea rose. I love how the water droplets light up the edges of the rose with a clear silvery translucency. Something about this picture reminds me of all the possibilities in life. It's such a picture of HOPE! Together we can get through anything. She has everything she needs and all she needs she has. She is shining through the rain! Just like you and me. 

Michelle Tea Roses Garden Art Pics 2020

Little Rose, I watched you grow
Little Flower don't you know?
I see you cry, I see your tears
Don't you know? I am always here!
I picked your color, I picked your place
Never fear. Hope knows the way
Just keep on shining through the rain
The sun will soon come out again.
We are thinking of all of you!
Love, Michelle & David
Michelle & David




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