Simple Stretch for Lower Back on the Yoga Trapeze

That's me in the stretch trapeze doing a lower back stretch before I make soap today! Lotus In Love and Dead Sea along with a few others.  I am a fairly active person. Living in South Florida I enjoy my life. I run, swim, work with my body and hands making soaps, and body care for hours at a time, snorkel and scuba dive. I like staying in good shape so I can enjoy all the things I love and that bring joy to my life. Being pain-free helps me smile through all my years. Having back pain would hinder my life a lot. So I stretch. I like keeping it fun too. 

According to a study published by, lower back pain is on the rise (that's no fun!). Lower back affects people as early as 18 years of age on up to 65 years plus according to the study (yikes!). About 40% seek their primary care physicians first and then about another 40% seek out a chiropractor leaving the last 20% of people seeking subspecialties. What was surprising was that people taking prescription medication faired about the same as those using physical therapy. 

As someone who experiences lower back pain after running long distances, as well as pain from using the computer and playing instruments, I discovered the power of stretching. I had multiple nerve entrapments and did seek a sports medicine doctor and opted for physical therapy and nothing helped- until I started stretching. Within one day I had noticed a very big improvement in my symptoms. Now I must stretch after my swims and runs or I get tightness that only gets worse. Stretching is also a nice form of calm meditation. It gives my brain a break from the fast pace of life. I enjoy slowing down and getting into my center. Mindful meditation is powerful and helps keep me balanced along with my prayer life.

I love using my Stretch Trapeze for opening up a tight "runners back". You can use this to open a tight back from sitting too much as well. The trapeze I purchased was about $60 and well worth it. I bought mine from UpCircleSeven on Amazon.

 For Sore Muscles I'm making my sold out  Muscle EEZ deep penetrating cooling muscle pain relief rub. 

Happy stretching!





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