Reef Safe Sunscreen Protection for Spring Break Fun & Sun!

Reef Safe Sunscreen Protection for Spring Break Fun & Sun!

 It's Spring-break and I am rolling down A1A in my SUV after my swim watching the hundreds of palm trees on the avenue blow in the soft warm breeze. Barges and boats float on a beautifully inviting turquoise ocean that seems to go on for eternity. As the breeze rushes in from my rolled down windows it washes through my long brown hair I catch myself smiling in a hypnotic relaxed gaze. The calm ocean colors mixed with the blue sky subdue any stress I have encountered today and once again, I reach my Zen. Ahhh, so this is Florida. 

It's no surprise that people from all over the world flock to Florida Beaches for Spring Break and vacation. We have the third largest barrier reef in the world and a whole lot of ocean. A lot of people don't know how beautiful under the ocean is until they snorkel or dive it. Something I enjoy very much. 

When I became a certified diver, I started to learn more about the underwater world in Florida too. We have a beautiful eco-system here in South Florida. I have grown to love it here so much- it's a treasure. It's also why I make a reef-safe sunscreen. Without our barrier reefs and corals, our beaches would erode our shores and we would not be enjoying all the activities that take place safely along our oceans. Reefs protect our shorelines and structures and without reefs, fish would not be able to survive. Without fish, our oceans would be grossly imbalanced and die. Everything is interconnected.

We often take for granted the beautiful natural surroundings this world has to offer. By planning ahead and making better choices we can help save our reefs and oceans. Using reef-safe means the oil slicks and petrochemicals found in traditional sunscreens won't end up suffocating our corals and life in our beautiful waters. A simple choice that makes a hugely important impact. If it doesn't say ZINC OXIDE that means it ISN'T REEF SAFE. Please avoid OXYBENZONE at all costs. It is not reef-safe Italian studies have shown. 

Hitting the beach today? Grab our Reef-safe Sunscreen and enjoy the beauty that is Florida. Me and a Tree Reef Safe Sunscreen come in a sunny "Summer Passion Scent" and "Unscented". Buy here

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