Summer, Sunscreens & Eco Living in South Florida With Me & a Tree Skincare


Boy-o-boy! I can't wait to get into the South Florida water to go snorkeling. Not however, before putting on my eco-friendly biodegradable vegan Me and a Tree sunscreen 30 minutes before entering the water though. Yes, timing is very important. Did you know that most sunscreens wash off into the water because people put them on right before they enter the water? Seems appropriate, doesn't it? Surprise! Guess what? That will get ya burnt in no time!

When I tested out my formulation for our Me and a Tree Reef Safe Sunscreen while skin diving in Mexico last summer, I learned about it. You see sunscreen has to absorb into your skin in order to protect you from getting burnt. It takes about 20-30 minutes for sunscreen and sunblock to absorb and be able to reflect the sun rays to prevent you from getting red. I didn't get burnt in Mexico, and I was diving all day because I waited about 20-30 minutes after applying the reef-safe sunscreen I make before I went into the water. Applying sunscreen 30 minutes prior to going in the sun worked like a charm. Some will wash off and much will get absorbed. That is another reason you want a natural one. 

The sun in Florida is pretty strong, and unless you are willing to stay completely out of the sun completely by living in a cave, you'll need to use some protection. There are those that never get any sun because they associate aging with the sun. An idea that seems true and yet is not totally true.

You do need some sun in order to process certain vitamins, and I have even read some interesting articles regarding sun and vision- being that sunshine in moderation is good for you. Notice how we all wear sunglasses all the time? Good marketing or healthy? I know it's glaring on the road. Sunglasses are helpful when you're driving, however, some research shows that it is better for us to wear our sunglasses a little less often and let our eyes enjoy natural sunlight.

I happen to stay in the water most of the time since I am diving down into the ocean. I never did enjoy laying out and getting tan either. It's boring to me. I did it back in the 80's like everyone when no one knew. I didn't like the boredom then either. Hindsight is 20/20. I do not do that anymore. I know too much about skin now and do not wish to be golden tan since I am ivory white most of the time. I do, however, wear a day cream I make from plants botanicals with Non Nano Particle Zinc Oxide & Evening Primrose, Carrot & Tamanu, and other herbs. It's called Bright Eyes & Face Derma GLA, and I never leave home without it. Between the day cream and the sunscreen, I feel confident my skin is nourished and protected when walking around on a hot sunny day. Since that day is coming in two weeks, I am reminded to share the wealth with you all since you are probably getting ready for vacations and family outings such as picnics and travel. I am going snorkeling in one of my favorite places in West Palm Beach- but I will be slathering up 30 minutes before I dive & snorkel. Thankfully I won't be hurting the corals and marine life with my lotions and potions.                                              

Next time you venture into the beautiful pristine waters of South Florida support the eco system with eco-friendly products that are safe for your skin and the environment so we can enjoy it for generations to come. Remember, everything you put on is going into the ocean and ingested by marine life. Corals die from toxic chemically made lotions, creams, bug spray, sunblock and sunscreens. Please purchase natural, eco-friendly alternatives to sunscreens & lotions that have harmful chemicals. Need some help? Click on the hyperlinks and pick up your trusted goodies and head out with the family this weekend to catch some rays- but bring an umbrella - and some sunscreen! The water is waiting, and so are the beautiful corals and fish! P.S. Don't forget your Go Pro camera for those incredible underwater shots! I'll be thinking of you! Until then Share the info and help protect marine life, you, and your loved ones, by sharing this article.

See you soon!

Love Michelle

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