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The Mood Elevating Power of Lemon Myrtle & Lemongrass

Essential Oils are fascinating little gifts from nature that benefit the skin. I believe almost everything we need to aid mankind in healing and well-being can be found in the earth and gifts from nature. One of those gifts is Lemon Myrtle backousia citradoria, and Lemongrass cymbopogen citratus, both used to repel bugs and also enjoyed as a beneficial healing plant. Both Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle have Citral along with many other interesting chemical compounds, which give it the lovely lemony scent so often cherished by citrus lovers the world over.   Bugs do not appreciate i the scent of citral but we humans sure do! It works hard at repelling bugs from our skin! It's best used with other essential oils to...

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