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What's in my plants? More importantly what's in the dirt?  FACTORY ORGANIC FARMING IS BIG BUSINESS (and why I use wildcrafted) Organics have turned into a big business in the last ten to twenty years, and like all corporate business with more crops comes a lot more money- and with more money, arises the need to protect their assets and with the protection of assets come the use of more pesticides/herbicides. That's the way factory farming of ANY kind works. Supply and demand. Welcome to the big world of factory farming. So why buy factory organic? Well, many of us feel we want "the best" and organics promises that, with convenience right? Conventional factory farming use too many harmful chemicals, and we certainly...

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What Do Skin Care Experts Use for Radiant Ageless Skin?

Great question! So, what do the women who formulate skincare products for a living rely on for gorgeous skin? I started formulating skincare some years back when I couldn't find a strong enough cream that was natural. I wanted a day cream that also worked for my skin type- sensitive! I love natural, but there are some phytonutrients that are more powerful and give better results than others. I like the ones with the highest GLA's. I had researched for many years before I came to the best regimen and formula for skin care that gives that synergistic potent balancing blend. Here are a few skin secrets I use before I leave the house. No matter how demanding my schedule...

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