The Joy of Swimming

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It's pretty hot this time of the year here in South Florida. Today,  I headed out to the Swimming Hall of Fame Pool for my workout. With my SPF30 All Natural Sunblock in hand. I happily made my way to my mind altering experience- swimming. Did you know that twenty minutes a day of vigorous movement can alleviate depression? Studies show exercise can alleviate depression due to an increase in our brain and it's ability to pump out the needed chemicals that are responsible for well-being and happiness. 

I switched from running to swimming a few months ago, but I had no idea how much I'd enjoy swimming laps for my workout. Really, I had no idea I'd fall so in love with it.  Running on the concrete and beating up my joints wasn't making me or my joints feel so young. A Physical Therapist had previously warned me after learning I run 5 miles 3 times a week, that if I wanted to "prematurely age my joints to go ahead and continue running on concrete." I ignored her warning for a long time until I started feeling significant pain in my ankles and hips for days after my workouts. So, I made the switch to swimming and haven't looked back since. I shot the picture above right before my swim today! It was beautiful, sunny, and gorgeous, like everything here in Florida! 

Heading out into the sun today? Pick up a reef safe sunscreen today and make sure if you wear makeup with sunscreen in it that you use non-nano particle zinc-oxide. Nano particles absorb too far into your skin and it's been linked to some pretty bad things. It's  much better to use non-nano particle zinc and avoid Titanium Dioxide as a sun protection if possible.  If you don't know where to pick up quality skincare products, visit our website and check out our Sunscreens as well as our Bright Eyes & Face which can effectively be worn under your makeup without clumping.

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