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 Our Skin The Largest Organ. 

There are so many options to help keep your skin healthy (the largest organ in the body), vibrant, and disease free. We must think whole body. Organs filter and feed the body and the skin. We all get busy with life and rush from one thing to another, and it's easy to take for granted all the wonderful things our skin does to protect our health while we are engaged in living! Your skin forms a protective barrier against bacteria, viruses, toxins, sun damage, and more. The skins' job is also to help keep your immunity in good working condition by resisting infection. For our skin to do its job of protecting us while keeping us healthy, we have to care for it properly. Here are a few tips to help preserve, enhance and recover healthy skin.

You may already understand that soap and water while bathing is a form of hygiene. It's indeed essential to wash and slough off dead skin. Removing dead skin cells helps our skin to function properly and to look smooth and beautiful. Did you know that waiting too long to shower off your sweat can cause breakouts and other kinds of growths such as fungus to build up on our skin? Even staying in a damp shoe too long can cause strange worlds to form under our toenails (ick!) and feet. A well crafted pure essential oil bar of soap is a luxuriously healthy way to keep that in check! For extra special care, grab an excellent exfoliating bar or our beloved jumping java exfoliator to jump-start your healthy skin care regimen. 


So, while cleansing the skin is important, we also need to remember that the amount of time sweat or damp clothing stays on the skin can also cause issues that we might not be fully aware of. A simple solution is to make sure you keep a clean change of clothes with you at all times. If you do go to the gym, use the showers there, and change into clean and dry clothes after a workout. Once sweat dries on the skin, it can cause a lot of unwanted issues. So be sure to rinse off after a good sweat, whether that be from outdoor work or gym workouts. I keep an extra pair of everything in my car in a zip lock bag. It's great when I need them as I always have a fresh pair of underclothes, shoes, socks, etc., because you'll be prepared should you need them in a pinch. 



Skin Stimulation
Have you ever seen people get swatted with eucalyptus leaves, or seen a person get dry brushed? It may look kind of silly, but there's a great benefit to it. By bringing the blood to the surface of the skin, and using the natural antiseptic properties of essential oils such as the eucalyptus plant (or a particular essential oil), not only gets our lymphatic system (our immunity) stimulated from the rigorous stimulation but stimulation also creates blood flow to the surface of the skin where oxygenated blood can flow taking impurities back into the bloodstream where they can be discarded, keeping your skin more healthy and smooth, free from acne breakouts, blackheads, oil plugs, dirt, and grime buildup. Getting the grime and older dead cells sloughed off, and stimulating the skin with a brush, towel, or even a light massage is helpful for breaking down dirt and oils, and also helps break up fat cells that hold toxins, which brings me to my next point.


Daily Exercise
Exercise gets stagnant blood flowing to all parts of our body, including our brain, and essential organs (including our skin), and limbs. Forcing our oxygenated blood into all the areas of our body by exercising, filters our blood, and helps creates new blood cells while allowing impurities to be expelled in an easy natural way. The best natural antioxidant is exercise. Exercise naturally promotes well being, balances hormones, burns fat, and tightens and tones the skin, and that's just the outside! It also does the same thing on the inside! Organs also need to let go of toxins in order to work optimally. After a good workout, it's important to drink pure fresh, and clean water. Pure water will help with lactic acid build-up and the removal of toxins. Lactic acid is partially why we feel sore a few days after working out. Using a massage muscle rub like this one can help a lot. 45 minutes a day of cardio helps strengthen the heart, lungs, and organs and aids in the cleansing of our blood, which in turn feeds the major organs of the body- including our skin. 

Good Food Good Mood
Everyone knows that we are what we eat. Our skin will tell us everything we need to know by carefully observing it. If we eat a lot of bread, drink a lot of alcohol, and rarely eat whole natural unrefined food, which helps cleanse and detoxify, then our body will be a quarter of its true potential. Your skin will be blotchy, you will have acne breakouts (too much fat, and oil), and you may develop large lumps under your skin. In fact, if we keep up with the abuse of substances (stimulants such as tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, too much fat and salt) that inhibit the body's ability to work naturally, then it's only a matter of time that we will get sick. Bombarding the body with these unnatural stimulants weakens the faculties and moves us closer to alcoholism (which destroys kidneys, liver, stomach, skin, and more), obesity, diabetes, cancer, immune disorders, and the like and moves us closer and closer towards dis-ease, and the breaking down of our cells that help build good blood, bones, organs, and muscle not to mention well being and a balanced, stable mind. A healthy balanced life benefits us both in the mental as well as the physical realm. 

The more we ignore health, the closer we adopt illness, both mental and physical. Incorporating vegetables, salads, plant foods (legumes, etc.), while avoiding poisonous caffeine, alcohol, refined sugars, and saturated fats, will enable the body to live longer and to feel more balanced. The more we force our bodies to overwork by cramming stimulants, alcohol, and poison, the more we will eventually drain the body and it's organs of their natural abilities, and thus drain the body's natural life force within. Many people take medications from the doctor that they need not be on if they would only discard their addiction to unhealthful living. Cancer, diabetes, mental problems, and almost all diseases can be helped and eliminated by a cleaner diet, and a less stressful schedule. Getting into nature is very helpful for nerves, and those struggling with anxiety and depression as well.  

Energy Level After Eating 
If you are getting tired after eating, you are experiencing something unnatural for the human body. If you grew up this way, it might seem normal. It is not. After eating a meal, the mind and body should be content and calm but not overly tired or overly stimulated. The habit of drinking coffee after a meal is more injurious to the body because it's an overstimulation to the adrenals which control our hormones, and many other facets of the human body, including the heart. We should not be "cock-tailing" our bodies in this fashion. For meat-eaters, make sure you are having salads and quality vegetables with those meals, and for vegetarians and vegans, make sure you are eating whole foods and not too many packages processed foods. Balance is key. We live in a hedonistic society where excess is the norm. Break the chain and start thinking like a healthy human. Want beautiful skin? Take care of your body. Eat to live instead of living to eat, so your loved ones can enjoy you being around a lot longer. You matter, so take your health seriously so you can live more joyously!

Enjoy more natural living! You're worth it! 

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