Valentine's Day 2021: Skin Products You Deserve To Know About for the Big Day

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Whether you’re in a beautiful relationship or going delightfully solo, Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to indulge in love and pampering! Not only for yourself (ahem) but it's also a sweet treat for your loved one to receive something sensual and delightful from you! Welcome to the most natural eco-friendly and cruelty-free skin loving products out there designed to give skin the indulgence it craves! Looking for the perfect balance of natural and effective skin care for your needs?


We’re here to help! Here are some products sure to please for Valentine’s Day that has been proven worthy over and over again:


Sakura & Poppy Love Gift Set

When it comes to having it all in your skincare regimen, it’s essential to combine spirit, mind, and body and enjoy the all-encompassing holistic aspect (sight, sound, smell, touch).  The Sakura and Poppy Love Gift Set is perfect for anyone who’s trying to get a combination of things to maximize the potential of an evening of delight while improving their skin. This is a great gift for women and a great sensual choice for an evening away from all the hustle and bustle. If you are planning a vacation or staying at a hotel, make sure you grab this set! Your room will turn into a beautiful spa oasis! Sensual massage is always a welcome treat.


With the exotic scented Sakura body spray of delicate floral notes, a beautifully fragrant Poppy Love & Red Clay artisan soap bar, and the deep moisturizing Sakura hand and body lotion, there’s plenty to get excited about! This exclusive gift set also comes with two soot free aromatherapy spa massage candles in Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom) and one in Poppy Love scent. You can light up the night and enjoy a bouquet of pleasure while enjoying a relaxing massage for the two of you.


Whether you want a great moisturizer or love having a heavenly smell wherever you are, you won’t need to make the hard choice--they all come together as a beautiful all-inclusive gift set.


Why have one special skincare product when you can enjoy an infusion?



Best Natural Lavender Gift Set Me and a Tree Skincare Miami Florida Tennesse


Lavender Lovers Natural Skincare Gift Set

If you’re looking for something over-the-top romantic and with an exquisite combination of essential oils known to help de-stress and unwind from the day, Lavender is sure to please! The Lavender Lover's Natural Skincare Gift Set, comes with an all natural pure essential oil of lavender and real vanilla bean moisturizing body therapy lotion, a large-sized French Lavender  spa soap bar, and a deeply moisturizing sweet almond massage oil, a vanilla aromatherapy eco-friendly massage candle (safe for all body parts), and a Lavender essential oil roller to calm relax and soothe your body and mind.


More importantly, you now have the ultimately perfect Valentine’s Day treat - a relaxing and rejuvenating massage night! With this gift set, you’ll finally have the “sensual essentials” to give your loved one a relaxing and soothing massage (and have the favor returned!) with the always alluring calm scent of French Lavender flowers. With the bouquet of calming and soothing aromatherapy properties in the essential oil roller, massage candle, and oil, along with a beautiful handmade artisan spa bar, you’ve got yourself a creative and pleasurable night right in your very own corner of paradise.


Men’s Moisture & Protect Natural Skincare Gift Set

Who said men don’t like skincare gifts? Especially when it comes to looking and feeling your best, this Men's Moisture & Protect Natural Skincare Gift Set will be an “elegant meets rustic” flawless surprise for your boyfriend or husband. Into outdoor activities? Even better!


This gift set includes a nourishing eucalyptus hand & body lotion and adds a powerful and health conscious broad spectrum SPF 30 biodegradable unscented sunscreen along with two lip conditioning spearmint tea lip balms to boot! It's perfect for an outdoor excursion for two! The best part? There’s an effective natural bug repellent that’s biodegradable and made with twenty-two different essential oil blends! It both smells good and keeps pests away while you enjoy the stars by a cozy campfire with you sweetie.


If you’re one of those outdoorsy and active couples that are always on an adventure, planning a trip kayaking for Valentine’s could be an idea! Grab this gift set for the two of you and surprise your sweetie there!


Don’t worry, we won’t tell.


Valentine’s Day is that very special day during the year where you can go all out to show your love and appreciation to someone who means a lot to you and what better way to show your love and gratitude than with a unique gift set that adds in healthy skin with a relaxing sensual twist?


Me and a Tree is now offering exclusive gift collections to help you enjoy an ultimate experience while treating you and your loved ones to a delightful and engaging surprise! We cordially invite you to browse our upscale eco-friendly and cruelty-free bath and beauty selections today. Here's to a very happy and fulfilling VALENTINES DAY!

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