Where Does All the Time Go?

Where Does All the Time Go? Aging Best Skin Care For Wrinkles Age Spots

I often hear people say "Time flies!" or "I don't have enough hours in a day to do XYZ." Does time go to that nebulous place that the other missing socks go? My socks seem to vanish into the thin hot air! Is time getting sucked out from under you too?

It's kinda funny if you think about it for a second. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, yet some people seem to get more accomplished more than others. Why? We all know there are eight good productive hours in a day but why does it feel like we don't have any extra time for ourselves? Where does all that time beautiful time go? 

More and more people I talk to share about how time gets away from them & how it's getting in the way of their health and happiness. The schedules are more demanding than ever and when you add the responsibility of children and maintaining healthy relationships (including friendships) it can indeed be overwhelming. 

Maybe it's not the time that is our problem, but all the "good things" we keep saying "yes" to. We must put ourselves first. YOU must prioritize yourself too. It may sound selfish but trust me -it isn't. You are actually being more loving both to yourself and those who spend time with you on a daily basis. You can't be any good to the world if you are stressed, cranky, tired and overwhelmed. You deserve better, don't you? 

There are many tools we can use to have more control of time instead of the other way around. Seek more balance. Have a longer more satisfying life. Here's a simple suggestion to help you get more balance and give your body and mind a much-needed infusion of peace and tranquility away from all the overstimulation vying for our attention. 

1. Put your smart devices away for one hour.
2. Fill up your tub or shower with hot water and or steam.
3. Put on some relaxing music that you love.
4. Allow the warm steam or water to relax all your muscles. You are detoxing from digital stress as well as the daily stress. Add essential oils with a carrier oil if desired. Any household oil will do. Add 1-3 drops into about a tablespoon of oil and infuse into bath water. Pure oils can be dropped into the corner of your shower to infuse with steam. 1-3 drops are all you need.
5. Now that your muscles are loose, and your mind is slowed down- towel off and apply a cooling gel and find a quiet space to stretch in your own space away from the noise and any digital stimulation (iPads, iPhones, computers, T.V etc.). 

It's just you, your mat, and calm music (or you can even stretch in complete quiet). Lay down a few towels or better yet a stretch or Yoga mat and sit comfortably with legs together (or apart) and reach for your toes. You will feel your spine back and legs loosen right up along with your neck and shoulders. Spend time just holding a position without bouncing. If you feel pain let up a little and slowly stretch stopping just before the pain. Allow your body to release one muscle at a time. Take your time. Enjoy being alone and quiet. It's not important how flexible you are. Just enjoy stretching at your level. It will help you relax a lot. 

Neck Massage

I like applying cooling minty like lotion creams such as Me and a Tree Cooling Muscle Eez Penetrating Rub with real Frankincense. Formulated with a natural blend of Camphorous oils that deeply penetrate sore muscle and joint areas. Infused with German Chamomile and Frankincense that support the relief of those achy and stressed joints and muscles. Frankincense penetrates deep into the tissues along with the other essential oils and helps to calm inflammation and pain. Great for Arthritis and pain management too. 


Where Does All the Time Go? Treat Yourself To the best natural Skin Care Massage Gift Set Do At home
I run and swim a lot so I benefit from the cooling cream lotion a lot. I apply it when I get out of the tub and then wait about 15 minutes to feel the effects while I am stretching. I get this light warm/cool feeling and it lowers inflammation in my hips and shoulders allowing me to not only stretch more comfortably but heal quicker too. I feel like a new person afterward & I sleep much better too.


When you take care of your mind & body and make the time to connect to "The Tranquility" it may feel awkward at first. We are so used to the stimulation of our computers and TV and occupying our mind with everything "To Do". But be patient and commit to one hour of "me time". Let it be your "new ritual"l so you can enjoy the peace that comes from a relaxed & healthy state of mind. I like to add candles and incense and an essential oils diffuser for that "full effect". Create your calm. You'll be glad you did.

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