Why I'm Not Vegan Anymore...

I'm glad you're reading this despite the title.  Do you know why I'm not a "Vegan" anymore? Because I'm on a 30-day Raw Food Challange! And guess what? I plan on staying this way (at least including it on a very regular basis)! I don't eat processed food of any kind whatsoever (or any animal products including dairy). I don't cook 50-95% of my food! It's a fact-"Vegans" eat tons of JUNK and sugary processed food! I don't want to be that kind of pseudo health nut. Do you? Of course not! I want to look and feel great! ALL THE TIME! Don't you? I know you do!

But Raw? Sounds crazy right? Did you know that when you heat food past 118 degrees you kill all the enzymes? Now certain foods such as certain beans legumes need to be heated up to break down certain nutrients in order to be bio-available. But there's a lot of science  Now admittedly, I tried this raw lifestyle many years ago, and I didn't do it the right way, and it didn't stick, and I simply chalked it up to extremism. Now I feel and know differently. I didn't have as much inspiration back then to be as creative either. Now we have Instagram and the internet and I'm never at a loss for fresh ideas. It's colorful, delicious and fun. 

Confession. I was an on and off again Vegan, but this time it's different.  About a month ago, I would get super tired around 2 pm. Not anymore! My energy levels have gone through the roof! My skin looks even better than before! I use my vegan all-natural skincare products, and it helps a lot, however with this extra brightness and pep in my step, I feel my health and happiness is glowing! Before I was almost in a slight depression or tired mode in the evenings. Also, sometimes my face would look tired when I woke up. Not all the time. Just sometimes. I do not feel or see that at all now. I feel like I always have energy and mental clarity. I see my skin firming up around my eyes and I don't look or feel as tired when I wake.

Ladies, if you're looking for energy and more stamina, you could adopt more raw foods and see vast improvements in your mood and libido. Losing weight? Please. That's a no brainer. You'll drop those hard, stubborn pounds in a matter of days but that's not my motivation. To be healthy and vibrant is.  I can honestly say I feel much lighter and happier among a lot of other benefits in an incredibly short amount of time. It is a transition though and it does take time. But time is on our side!

Men, need more energy and clarity? Covered! Want faster recovery from working out? Covered. Stamina? Yep! Weight loss? Please. SO EASY! Both my husband and I have seen a huge difference in our mind and energy. The clarity is fantastic! It's been earth-shattering for BOTH of us. We giggle and laugh like kids! Well, we've kind of always been like that- but now we have even more of it. Steadily!

I was suffering from a few arthritic pains too, and those are not there anymore. I also have been recovering from a deadly medication the doctor prescribed last November for panic attacks (Benzos) that messed me up real bad. I had some heart palps, and I became frightened last year. Long story short I was diagnosed with PACS and PVCs- not Panic Disorder. I ditched that medication and started my journey after realizing doctors can't help with hormonal changes & heart palps - they can only prescribe deadly medication. I am not exaggerating- people have died from benzos. I feel I almost did die. So, I chose another path. Doctors wanted me to believe I was sick and in need of their snake oil. When I explained that the meds didn't help my heart they tried to "up the dose". The medication wasn't even for heart problems I later learned. After getting my heart looked at by a specialist I knew I needed real answers as to why my heart was going out of wack. They had no answers- only meds. 

What are PACS/PVCs? Premature Ventricular Contractions. My heart beats early then stops and then thuds real hard, and I feel them, and sometimes they are painful. Before going on the raw food diet, I would have them every day all day long. Sleep scared me because they became more pronounced in the evenings. I've never had any heart problems and when a main control center changes in your own body it's scary. It felt like a betrayal. Since going raw, they are almost 100% gone, and I've been 95% raw vegan for less than one month! My energy has gone through the roof! I am doing my events and making products during the week, and I am not even tired! I couldn't claim that a few months ago.

I'd like to find a way for people like us to come together for support. A food group for people like us and those wanting to be more healthy  A supportive group for people wanting some real help who aren't finding it on prescribed medication. People that desire to heal the underlying issues and be less dependent on medication that simply masks the problem without actually fixing it. There's plenty of science to back up a plant based lifestyle, and I'd like to share it with you. I'm happy that I decided to go True Vegan and Raw. It's the best decision I ever made. My only regret is that I only wish I'd made the decision sooner.

I pride myself on making vegan skincare that doesn't harm animals and add to the horrors of the cosmetic and meat industry, but I needed to understand more about my own body and the nutrients it needs. Even I (who was raised vegan) became unsteady about the truth. There are so many studies funded by the meat and dairy industry that we have been duped. Please read on if you're following the Paleo diet. The information I am sharing can really save your life or that of a loved one. Even MS has been healed on this diet along with cancers and diabetes. migraines and a slew of other reversible issues.

While a (Paleo) meat based diet sounds great- it is a rendition of the Adkins diet and not healthy for your heart AT ALL. You may even lose weight on it but what you can't see is that your liver and veins are filling up with toxic substances along with cholesterol. People have been told that chicken is lower in cholesterol than beef- it's only slightly less and it's still very high. Fish can have more cholesterol than a pork chop, and that's something a lot of people don't know, not to mention the mercury. I won't even gross you out by explaining the process of what they shoot chickens up with, but it's sodium- and not healthy for you.

Another convenient lie is that all substantial protein comes from meat- and we need a lot of it. Complete fallacy. Protein comes from plants. Cows eat plants and are very muscular. Apes eat plants and get plenty of protein. Horses are plant eaters and very muscular, and you know why? They aren't getting their protein from second-hand sources. They go straight to the plants. More about this later.


If you haven't seen the documentary "What The Health" and "Food Choices" I highly recommend you watch it tonight on Netflix or YouTube. Please contact me if you'd like more info on this most incredible lifestyle I've recently committed to. I love sharing what it's doing for my health especially at my age! I still can't believe my heart palps have almost entirely dissipated.

I have nothing to gain and nothing to sell- just passionate about helping others heal. Please respond to this email if you'd like recipes or more supportive information for your unique journey. Want to share a recipe? Let me know! If you have a suggestion, please do let me know. Love to share, help, learn and grow together.

Blessings and Health,
Michelle Touchstone
Founder of Me and a Tree 
Vegan Skincare

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  • Kim Morin

    Hi Michelle!

  • Michelle (Owner of Me and a Tree)

    Thank you for the kind words and interest in my journey! Let’s keep in touch! I have signed you all up for my separate Health Tips News Letter and I will be sure to include my breakfasts, Mindy :)

  • Carola

    Hello Michelle, it so good to read your post and journey. I’m David’s friend from the market. We’ve met in the past. I am interested to hear about recipes, ideas. I know it’s not easy to transition to a new lifestyle but I’ve been considering it. I’m personally dealing with various health related imbalances that throw me off. I can discuss it all. Perhaps in PM.
    I appreciate your feedback. ??

  • connie siemonof (shari"s mom)

    I love your e-mail! Sorry you were experiencing “stuff” but happy you are better! I would love some recipes or websites to look for same. I remember the raw foods you and your husband would make to bring to the get-togethers at Moniques. Isn’t it very time-consuming to make?? Are you in Aventura every Sunday? I need some things. Thanks for your mission. Connie

  • Mindy

    Luv to hear what your eating for breakfast

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