Why You Need A Sealed Face Care System


Why You Need A Sealed Face Care System
Have you seen it yet? We just received our new sealed air pump bottle in for our sealed face care system including our facial serum elixir, (and bright eyes day cream) and it's most certainly an upgrade from our older face care system bottle!


Ever buy something and forget to use it? Our busy schedule practically force us to rush through our face care routine.  Feeling good about who is looking back at you in the morning is a great pick me up. If we don't make or have the time to care for our skin and face, then lines and premature dark marks, moles, sun freckles and premature aging happen which can affect our self esteem and worse- the way others perceive us. Why not do something about it without breaking the bank or going under the knife if possible? 

So, you'd love to have a natural face care routine, but you need it to be simple and convenient, right? Me too! I don't always have a full day to primp and pamper myself. I'm a business owner with a full schedule. What I love about this new bottle we chose for our face serum miracle elixir system is that it's so easy to use! You'll be in and out of the bathroom in no time. Beautiful skin doesn't have to take all day and more importantly, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg! I know you'll love this new edition to our line! We have been getting a lot of positive feedback!

We've come a long way since we started ME AND A TREE SKINCARE, and we wanted our packing and bottles to reflect that but it's more than just the looks we were after, as we also wanted product to last longer for you, and we know this new packaging with the closed sealed airless pump which is a great move forward in skincare technology. Here's 3 reasons I know you'll love the new changes.

    1. The new sealed system keeps your product away from oxygen and contamination. It does this by preventing you from the need to touch the tip with your hands and fingers as you no longer have to take the cap off to dispense elixir through a dropper. Even though you are likely applying the elixir to clean skin, it is still skin. The skin has cells and little microbes, and you could be introducing unwanted bacteria into your product without knowing it. Over time creams and oils can break down quicker that way. But with the new pump, this will not take place because now with the new design, you will keep your product clean and sterile.
    2. The new design allows for the perfect amount of product to be dispensed unlike the previous dropper bottle. With the new design, you won't ever lose valuable oils from over dispensing unnecessarily. The older dropper bottle allowed you to suck up a lot of serum elixir, and if you weren't careful, you could have been applying more facial serum than you actually needed, and therefore, you may have been wasting it. 

    3. It's faster & more fun to use. There's a sense of satisfaction when using the new facial system. From holding the modern smooth bottle in your hand to the easy glide pumping action allowing the perfect amount of serum for you to dollop onto your fingers. Simply put- it's plain easier to use and dispense, allowing for a more beneficial and efficient face care routine. After you wash your face, simply pump out a little facial serum onto your finger tips and gently apply it directly to your under eyes area, laugh lines and anywhere else you need a little extra healing and protection. Now you are free to go about your day - beautifully protected. It's that simple.

Bonus Tip: Easy Trouble Shooting Airless Pump System
The new system is very easy to use. If yours isn't pumping product out - it may need a little priming. Simply cover the spout with your finger, and pump 60 seconds. It will cause the air to build up and allow you to pump out the product. A few years ago, we changed from our regular cream jars to an airless pump closed system for a few products but the system was so new there wasn't a lot to choose from back then. Now there are more varieties of bottles and choices. This closed system ensures that the ingredients inside the bottle stay potent and fresh while continuing to prevent cross-contamination from fingers and bathroom counters. 

It took us a little while to find and research a suitable pump system that would also look modern with the rest of the face care products we offer but we believe this one not only looks sophisticated and sleek but also works very well in preserving all the natural plant based flowers and oils. We know how important your skin is to you and we wanted something that would help you protect that investment. You'll not only be proud to leave it out on your bathroom counter- but you also remember to use it! It's also less prone to tipping over and spilling or worse breaking which is so helpful when you are in a hurry.

You're going to love it!




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