Best Natural Soy Candle Eucalyptus Mint Aromatherapy Massage

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Eucalyptus Mint Soy Candle

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Eucalyptus Mint Aromatherapy Massage Candle 8oz Cleanses the senses and a favorite relaxing spa therapy herbal aroma you don't want to put down. Its an invigorating spa in a jar! Made to balance the mood, and uplift the senses with eucalyptus, mint and touch of amber. Eucalyptus Mint is one of our best and most popular aromatherapy candles for a day at the spa but the spa comes to you. Natural Long & Clean Burning Eucalyptus Mint Soy Candle has become a destress and relaxing staple for many due to our mind, lung and nasal clearing blend of pure essential oils. can be used on the skin, cuticles and massage or simply a relaxing aroma therapy experience.