Do you use sunblock on more than you face? What about your sidearm closest to the driver's side window of your car? Or how about driving in your car with your face exposed to the side windows while the UV rays blast through? Next time you drive, take notice of where the light cascades and start applying sunblock to those areas so you can avoid skin cancer, premature wrinkles, and brown age spots. We are all exposed to extra UV rays on our daily drives to and from work, the grocery store, school, the gym etc.


I started noticing a few sun spots on my chest and when I looked into the view mirror I noticed the sun hitting my chest! I realized I was getting light sun spots from my short commutes to the store and gym.  I didn't really think of sunblock there because I was just driving down the street  You know a quick lipstick and out the door. I normally use my Bright Eyes and Face Anti Aging Day Cream with SPF on my face when I am going out all day- but sometimes I would go "a la natural" for short trips. But even a 15-minute drive in the sun can create spots and photo-aging. My left side was being exposed more than I realized. Now you can bet I don't forget.


I use my own Summer Passion Natural Reef-safe Sunscreen on my body when I am at the beach or pool and I even use it on my face when running or swimming outdoors. Now I make sure to use the Summer Passion Sun Block on my chest and arms and apply my Bright Eyes & Face GLA Day Cream even when I am taking a short jaunt to the store or gym". I like to use unscented when I have a cold and don't want to smell anything but otherwise the Summer Passion Sun Screen is my go to.


Be safe and protect your skin while driving! You may not realize how much you are saving your skin and pocketbook by taking a few extra seconds to apply sunblock. Getting skin lightened or getting skin cancer isn't worth it but you are! So, take care of your skin and your skin will take care of you for years to come.


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Bright Eyes and Face Day Cream with SPF ME AND A TREE Sun Spots Photo Aging

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